Song Review: TNX – Love Or Die

TNX - Love Or DieAfter enjoying 2021’s competition show LOUD, my expectations for TNX were sky high. This was based on their stature during the series and the perceived creativity bolstering PSY’s P-Nation label. But, last year’s debut album turned out to be a disappointment, following too many trends instead of delivering fresh, inventive energy. The pre-release track for this comeback didn’t do much for me either, but parts of new single Love Or Die offer an enticing glimpse of the potential first displayed on LOUD.

I really like Love Of Die’s verses. They may not be original, but the driving beat and rock production recalls punkier efforts from YG Entertainment acts. That would be a smart direction for TNX to move, especially if they can inject the template with their own point of view. The pacing is brisk and the melodies are taut. I could do without the stifling vocal processing, but I’m here for the energy.

Then, Love Or Die makes a move I always dread. After a promising pre-chorus, the track swerves into a downtempo hook. This is a trendy song structure and I’m sure many listeners enjoy it, but it’s a choice that rarely appeals to me. Maybe I’m just too old school (or just too old!), but I love choruses that act as the focal point of a song – a well-earned climax following the verses. For what it’s worth, Love Or Die makes this energy shift work better than most songs as an influx of guitar fills the empty space. And even if I want to kick the hook into gear, there’s no denying its catchiness.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

Grade: B-


9 thoughts on “Song Review: TNX – Love Or Die

  1. I came across them today since SOLE , Rad Museum and Glen Check have released their versions of Love or Die, I think Glen Check’s is my favourite tbh, I recommend everyone to check it out, reminds me slightly of TXT’s earlier angsty-teen releases

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    • The rock band sound that Glen Check brings to Love or Die is fantastic. I can see the similarities with TXT, also I feel like this version has the energy of Enhypen’s Shout Out but in angst mode.

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  2. I really love this!! Definitely more than their debut lol! This has such a Hybe vibe to it – like it was written for TXT or something.

    I feel like this song has the vibes of something like JustB’s Me=Naneun mixed with a bit of &Team’s Under the Skin instrumental and power – and both being songs I really love this feels like an instant YES to me! Definitely a song for my playlist that I’ll enjoy vibing to!

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  3. I can’t deny that this is a huge improvement, comparing to the guys’ debut which was absolutely atrocious. Yes, I’m a sucker to this pop rock sound. Though the subdued, trap beats-driven centerpiece ruined the song for me, especially when both verses and pre-chorus sounded so promising. Overall, I’m glad, but not impressed. For some reason the song sounds like something The Kid Laroi could release, to my mind.

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  4. I thought I was going crazy because I thought that I had already seen this but that just turned out to be the ‘I Need U’ trailer.

    I like this but it sounds generically good. It’s generic but good. It could have done with a stronger, much more full sounding instrumental. It’s lacking impact.

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