Song Review: Snow Man – Slow…

Snow Man - SlowAfter the slam dunk success of double a-side Tapestry/W earlier this year, I’ve been less enthused with the tracks Snow Man are promoting for their upcoming album. It’s only natural they’d want to showcase different facets of their sound, but neither last week’s Aikotoba nor yesterday’s Slow are the style of songs I love from the group.

As always, this is a matter of opinion. There will be many fans who appreciate Slow‘s embrace of global trends outside typical Johnny’s fare. And, the track is a decent showcase for the group’s dance skills. Its sensual style is new for Snow Man and it’s fun to see them pull it off. I just wish they’d been given stronger material to soundtrack this visual transformation. Slow climaxes in the kind of squeaky beat drop that felt ubiquitous a few years ago. It’s a decent example of this structure, but without an actual chorus the track is a bit empty.

Looking forward to the album, I’m most excited to hear Poweeeeer, which sounds like a huge dance banger. That’s the kind of song I want Snow Man to be promoting!

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

Grade: B-


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Snow Man – Slow…

  1. this and aikotoba (an arashi reject) have been big letdowns for me for being 2 out of the 3 tracks ushering in idome. while the visuals and choreo (actually everything but the songs themselves) have been great / better than expected, i don’t understand releasing aikotoba first then this (a strange? performance piece in which sounds like a 2017 / 2018 boy group song) in succession bodes well for the album.

    on the other hand, i can’t fault them for choosing this as a title track since it seems like everyone is having a ball performing it (i haven’t seen meguro smile / dance this hard in a while). not too keen for the supposed subunits, but i’m hoping that idome pulls through with the rest of the songs since labo (sonically) hit it out of the park.


  2. “Tapestry” was such a beautiful song with its beautiful lyrics and melodies that everything they’ve released later feels like a letdown. “W”, which I disliked initially,did grow on me eventually. I too have noticed that some Suno other fans on sns are rather pleased with this effort but they’re also fans of kpop boy groups so I guess this is a sound they’re accustomed to. The great irony for me, personally, is how when a kpop group I used to like did similar songs, I absolutely loved them and bled my ears listening to them and now that Suno have done this sound, I’m beginning to understand why so many people hate “noise music”. I honestly feel like Suno can do better than this and they should be given more vocal and melody heavy songs or quirky ones like “Brother Beat”. I do appreciate the upgrade in the budget of the music video since the PV for “Tapestry” was a low budget abomination and did the song no justice.

    I doubt this song will grow on me like “W” did but it’s still much preferable than “D.D” or “Grandeur”.

    Anyways, very excited for Meme’s drama with Suda and Imada Mio . Wonder if Suno will sing the TT for it


  3. At this point, I’ve already lost what Snow Man sounds like. They seem to hop from one soundscape to the next, with no identity of their own. “Orange Kiss” is still the best Snow Man song in my book. On an unrelated note, Sakuma’s pink hair seemed to have entered a state of perpetuity. When will he change it? It looks so unhealthy already…


  4. I’m not familiar with them, but I really like this vibe. I also love that beat drop, which sound like it belongs in a dance club in Blade Runner.


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