Song Review: Agust D (BTS Suga) – Haegeum

Agust D - HaegeumI enjoyed Suga’s pre-release track People Pt.2 more than expected, but much of that was thanks to its lovely IU-sung chorus. As anticipated, the new album’s lead track boasts a harder edge. Haegeum is tailor-made for fans of BTS’s rap-focused side.

First off, I love the stylized music video. I’m a sucker for cinematic mvs and instantly found myself more intrigued by the visuals than the song itself. The way Haegeum is structured reminds me of 2020’s Daechwita, though it feels even more repetitive. It’s most intense during its verses, driven by a combative performance that throws down the gauntlet in the way so many great hip-hop tracks do. But, I wish its hook offered a more varied rhyming scheme and flow. At times, Haegeum threatens to blend together into one long monologue without time to breathe or shift. It’s almost trance-like in this way, and allows the powerful beat to rumble through the track unencumbered.

Speaking of beat, Haegeum‘s production is a highlight. It’s eerie and loud — an unexpected combination. Further listens draw out the details, and I have no doubt these elements will thrill fans of this sound. It’s not really for me, but I can appreciate the skill, passion and vision that fuse together to create something so suited to Suga’s artistic charms.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

Grade: B-


15 thoughts on “Song Review: Agust D (BTS Suga) – Haegeum

  1. I’m always more of a fan of bts’s rapline music compared to the vocal line but sugar’s music has always been either an amazing hit or spectacular miss for me. Thankfully this is more of a hit especially accompanied with the MV! I’m also loving a couple of the b-sides in the album so it’s a successful solo debut in my eyes


  2. I mean it’s good but it didn’t really hit as hard as I was expecting. I prefer ‘Daechwita’, ‘Agust D’, ‘Give it to me’ more than this. It sounded the same all the way through and didn’t have a climax.

    I agree with your rating though. I’d also give this an 8/10

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  3. I think folks looking for a different sonic direction than daechwita might like the b-sides more. Snooze, SDL and Polar Night are clear standouts for me so far.

    Also with Haegeum the experience is so much more enhanced with the MV!! The whole idea of killing the self where rot and corruption has seeped is so cool to me so that visual experience makes the trilogy seem complete.

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  4. What is that I hear? Actual rhyming in the lyrics?!
    I think it is stylish, it has a point of view, it actually rhymes. For those reasons, yes, yes alright. Good.

    허나 자유와 방종의 차이쯤은 부디 구분하길
    But you must remember to differentiate freedom from self-indulgence

    I like this line.

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  5. I love this as a companion piece to Daechwita. Probably my favorite song on the album though is Snooze, which is like So Far Away Pt. 2…Woosung’s voice is perfect for it.

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  6. I thk there are better tracks in this album that I appreciate, or woukd play more frequently this song. D2 as expected did not disappoint, Suga makes an album that some are commentary and serving a vantage point as an observer, others that are personal, sensitive and divulge unknown diffulties. His depth is like the Marine Trench. Always a fan.


  7. I really like this song. He’s such a good lyricist and his influences are all right up my ally. There’s so much early to mid 2000’s Chicago style rap music in his music. When it works I love it and when it doesn’t its usually autotuned to the point where it sounds like I’m running over grates on a bridge. The album does that a lot and those are the ones I don’t like. Songs like this one, Snooze, Polar Night, and SDL are ones I loved. Of course People Pt 2 also. I can’t not like something IU does. It would be too off brand for me.


  8. Surprisingly, I liked this. Not a song I would put on repeat, but will get into it if it came on. His flow in the second verse is why I enjoy Suga’s raps in BTS songs. Like you mentioned about the song threatening to blend into one monologue, I felt that too but there’s just enough distinction for me not to feel one note.


  9. I love the callbacks to Daechwita in both the song and the mv and I love them as variations on killing the greedy power-hungry parts of the self.


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