Ranking all 18 Songs from KBS’ The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project

Now that the top eighteen idols have been crowned and Units B and G are finalized, it’s the perfect time for a retrospective on survival show The Unit’s hefty discography of songs. Like similar series before it, the show spawned a number of digital singles — from full group anthems to competitive sub-unit standouts.

With eighteen songs to parse through, which came out on top? Read on to find out!

18. Shine (Unit G)

Landing at the very bottom of the list is the juvenile Shine, which wastes the energy and skill of its army of performers on an embarrassing chorus tied to overdone tropical production. (full review)

17. Ting (Unit G)

Ting’s initial, synth driven moments hold promise, but the song quickly devolves into an aegyo assault. The chirpy vocals and childlike chorus kill any potential it may have had.

16. Present (Units B+G)

As a finale song, I suppose we can be grateful that Present isn’t just some drippy ballad. Instead, it’s sentimental filler — perfectly serviceable, but eminently forgettable.

15. Always (Unit G)

Proving once again that Korea likes its girl groups sugar sweet, the melodic innocence of Always triumphed over much more interesting material. It’s a solid pop song, if a bit redundant.

14. All Day (Unit B)

Though All Day is essentially one of those blustering, EDM/trap hype tracks we’ve heard a million times, its more derivative elements are softened by the sledgehammer chorus at its core.

13. Question (Unit B)

Adopting a slinky, funk-driven arrangement, Question impresses with its smooth vocals and nimble instrumental — even if that chorus feels a bit overstuffed.

12. Lead Me (Unit B)

Fusing modern EDM with a layered, synth-drenched chorus, Lead Me offered a fitting showstopper for Unit B’s final match.

11. Mine (Unit B)

The major earworm of the competition, Mine revives the days of the “hook song,” driven so completely by the ultra-repetitive refrain that makes up its chorus.

10. Poco a Poco (Unit G)

Borrowing heavily from Gfriend’s ornately produced sound, Poco a Poco blends the ubiquitous cuteness of girl groups with a robust, electric guitar backing.

9. My Story (Unit B)

With its funky guitar base and dramatic strings arrangement, My Story is one of the Unit’s most underrated tracks. While the performance itself didn’t garner much hype, the studio version is a revelation.

8. Sweet (Unit G)

A synth-kissed throwback to the 80’s, Sweet’s bright pop energy feels more suited to a summer’s day at the beach than a cutthroat competition.

7. You & I (Unit G)

Accented by rhythm guitar and an addictive whistling synth, You & I’s streamlined dance floor assault brought a sophisticated charm to Unit G’s repertoire.

6. Cherry On Top (Unit G)

One of the trendiest tracks performed by the girls, Cherry On Top blends Red Velvet-style percussion with a brassy hook that grows more endearing the longer you hear it.

5. Cosmos (Unit G)

Putting the quirky energy back into k-pop, the ridiculously catchy Cosmos ties inventive verses to a syncopated 80’s chorus and creates fizzy bubblegum magic.

4. Last One (Unit B)

Last One’s club-ready EDM pulse feels suitably immense, even if it lacks an expansive chorus. By paring the verses down to series of solo performances, it also feels more like a proper pop song than most survival show openers. (full review)

3. My Turn (Units B+G)

My Turn was never going to live up to the highs of Produce 101’s inescapable theme songs, but it managed to get pretty close. Bringing the boys and girls together for the first time, the track sparks with an undeniable energy. (full review)

2. Dancing With The Devil (Unit B)

Borrowing the synthwave style previously popularized in Korea by Taemin’s Move, Dancing With The Devil ups the ante (and the tempo) with its cinematic chorus and touches of funk guitar.

1. No Way (Unit B)

No Way possesses the Unit’s most knockout chorus. Never mind the fact that the song placed dead last in its heat, or that parts of its melody sound strikingly similar to BTS’s Spring Day. I’ll even give its omnipresent tropical squiggles a pass. That’s the power of a dynamite hook, matched with the perfect performers to deliver it.



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