Song Review: Tiffany – Heartbreak Hotel (ft. Simon Dominic)

Tiffany - Heartbreak Hotel (ft. Simon Dominic)I may have underrated Tiffany’s solo debut I Just Wanna Dance when it was released last month. The song’s had unexpected staying power, making the release of Heartbreak Hotel an exciting proposition. And though Hotel is more midtempo than Dance was, it retains many of its late 80’s influences.

Shimmering synths support an ethereal melody that substitutes restrained harmonies for vocal bombast. It’s the after-party to Dance‘s celebration, and is reminiscent of the more pensive material Carly Rae Jepsen and Tegan and Sara have released over the past few years. The production isn’t in your face, but perfectly captures the song’s hazy, after hours vibe. I was particularly taken by the chorus, which constructs a gorgeous bed of soft vocal harmonies, 80’s rhythm guitar and the swelling sparkle of synths. The verses feel a bit more standard, but do a nice job pulling back to give that chorus the punch it needs. And really, it’s all about that chorus.

Rap features are hit or miss for me. I’m not sure Simon Dominic is needed here, beyond the name recognition he lends to the track. He and Tiffany make a fine pairing, but I would have loved to see some interplay between the two so that his verse felt a little more connected and organic. Still, I appreciate that both of Tiffany’s solo releases this year have adhered to a similar style. I feel like I understand who she is as a solo artist, which is important when many solos simply sound like an extension of the main group’s material.

 Hooks  8
 Production  9
 Longevity 8
 Bias  7


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