The Top Ten Best Songs by SON DAM BI

Before Seventeen or After School or Nu’est, dance diva Son Dam Bi was the original Pledis artist. Debuting as the “female Rain,” she found success with a synth-pop sound that capitalized on her effortless charisma. She hasn’t released a single since 2013, but her string of  k-pop classics still electrify dance floors today.

10. Amoled (with After School) (2009)

Pairing with label mates After School, Amoled’s catchy hook is marred by an overuse of autotune that steals attention from the incredible roster of talent on display.

9. Cry Eye (2007)

Taking inspiration from the skittering, percussive style of American producer Timbaland, Cry Eye is a slick mid-tempo debut that hinted at even better things to come.

8. Bad Boy (ft. Kahi) (2008)

Working with producer Brave Brothers for the first time, Bad Boy brought Dam Bi into the world of high-octane glossy dance music, utilizing the trendiness of autotune to memorable effect.

7. Red Candle (2013)

Dam Bi’s most recent single is what you might expect from an artist at a point of career reflection, enlisting Shinee’s Jonghyun for the bossa nova genre shift of Red Candle.

6. Queen (2010)

Tackling a bright pop-electro sound, the catchy Queen warps Dam Bi’s voice into a fractured blend of percussive chirps and breezy refrains.

5. dB Rider (2010)

As its title implies, dB Rider is a high-octane, beat-driven club track that takes full advantage of Dam Bi’s natural sense of rhythm, pulling in elements of rap during the song’s mile-a-minute verses.

4. Change The World (2008)

Though it may have sprung from a soundtrack rather than a full-fledged comeback, Change The World’s dramatic blend of operatic vocals and dance floor drive results in one of Dam Bi’s most striking productions.

3. Crazy (ft. Eric) (2008)

Refining Bad Boy’s electronic sound, Crazy paired Dam Bi’s undeniable charisma with a strings-driven, seesaw hook that quickly became one of the most potent refrains in her arsenal.

2. Dripping Tears (2012)

As a comeback after two years, Dripping Tears re-established Dam Bi as a dance floor force to be reckoned with. Its surging verses perfectly set up the emotive, wistful chorus, bringing a newfound maturity to her music.

1. Saturday Night (2009)

Aiming straight for the 80’s nostalgia jugular, Saturday Night is a dense playground of retro synths and addictive drum machines. Dam Bi is the perfect muse for this throwback sound, supplying an effortless performance that blends icy coolness with megawatt star power. By the time the electric guitar solo hits, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the song’s incredible charm.


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