Song Review: IN2IT – SnapShot

After months of working through the exhaustive BOYS24 roll-out process, IN2IT debuted last fall with an incredibly generic, tropical house inspired single. It felt like a missed opportunity, but the newly released SnapShot rights the ship by balking the very trends its predecessor embraced.

As a pure song, SnapShot is really nothing special. But, it scores a lot of points for going against the grain and embracing k-pop’s anything-goes past. Its instrumental could have easily recycled the same deep house loop we’ve heard a million times over, but the electronic beat goes harder and crazier, offering a more aggressive sense of propulsion. This is accented with a playground of effects, from swooping synths to repeated spoken interludes that are just cheesy enough to give the song a bit of playful punch. It’s all in service to SnapShot‘s concept of voguing on the runway — certainly not the comeback approach you’d expect to see or hear from a male idol group.

It’s risks like these that rookie groups must take to overcome such a crowded landscape, and it’s heartening that IN2IT are able to pull it off. SnapShot‘s big pop chorus definitely helps smooth things over. Again, its melody isn’t particularly engaging or inventive, but its energy hearkens back to modern k-pop’s second and third generations, when the industry borrowed outside trends and threw them into a blender to create big-sounding material that embraced its inherent ridiculousness. Everything in SnapShot‘s arsenal — from the rap to the endlessly restless production — feels over the top. And in this day of increasingly similar trap and EDM templates, that is something to be celebrated.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


7 thoughts on “Song Review: IN2IT – SnapShot

  1. Please give a listen to their b-side track Be Bop Baby too, it’s just so wonderfully cheesy in the most refreshing and energetic way. I almost feel like it would’ve had IN2IT stand out from the crowed out even more if it’d been the title track, but the melody probably isn’t strong enough. Still, between that and SnapShot, this comeback was fun….I hope IN2IT finds some success with it because they really surprised me here.

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  2. Wow.
    Times like this im glad I come to your site. I would never have revisited IN2IT if not for this review. This is really good. I think the chorus may be my least favourite part of the song but it isn’t bad by any means.
    I think the production in the verses is very cool, that percussive synth has a very sexy vibe and its got some great drop outs throughout to keep it interesting. Great vibe, cool concept, dance is on point.
    Don’t know what it is this year but I think the boy group music has been much better than previous years when I found it all similar and generic.


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