The Top Ten Best Songs by DREAMCATCHER

Though they first debuted as relatively typical girl group MINX, Dreamcatcher’s 2017 reinvention spawned a discography that bucks K-pop’s trends in favor of heavy guitars and thundering percussion. They are unique within their often-soundalike K-pop era, bolstered by an incredibly consistent singles run.

As always with these particular countdowns, a song needs to be paired with a full, official music video to be eligible. That leaves fan favorites like Full Moon and Over The Sky out, though the latter would certainly find its way near the top of my list if given the chance!

10. Endless Night (2020)

A perfectly fine – if somewhat forgettable – Japanese offering, highlighted by surging electric guitar and some well-placed power notes during the chorus. (full review)

9. What (2018)

With a screamo post-chorus that goes heavier than any other Dreamcatcher single, What offers evolution with mixed results. Thankfully, the gorgeous orchestral touches help to temper the track’s more lumbering moments. (full review)

8. Good Night (2017)

More straightforward than the group’s hybrid experiments, Good Night nonetheless offers a driving rock intensity that finds room for a beefy, bombastic hook. (full review)

7. Breaking Out (2019)

As the group’s first original J-pop single, Breaking Out mostly replicates their Korean sound for a different market. However, the groovy tropical elements are a nice touch. (full review)

6. Piri (2019)

With its unique whistling hook and crushing guitar-fueled chorus, Piri stands as a memorable entry in Dreamcatcher’s singles run, hindered only by a played-out triplet flow during the rap verses. (full review)

5. Deja Vu (2019)

Bringing a greater sense of dynamics to a proven formula, Deja Vu pulls back for ballad-like verses before letting loose with an urgent, bruising chorus. (full review)

4. Fly High (2017)

Fly High opted for a different set of producers, but maintains Dreamcatcher’s dramatic sound. The song feels tailor made for the opening of an anime, leveraging symphonic emphasis to great effect. (full review)

3. You And I (2018)

Fueled by a taut, punchy chorus, You And I strikes a perfect balance between straightforward rock and a more dancefloor-friendly tempo. It’s everything that’s great about Dreamcatcher, wrapped in a sturdy, no-nonsense package. (full review)

2. Chase Me (2017)

A perfect encapsulation of Dreamcatcher’s propulsive rock sound, Chase Me expertly laid down expectations of what was to come and remains one of the most memorable debuts of the last few years. (full review)

1. Scream (2020)

Building upon Dreamcatcher’s rock base, Scream adds an addictive percussive drive that makes the instrumental stand out from the rest of their work. Its over-the-top chorus pulls no punches, punctuating its guitar-and-orchestra brew with theatrical backing vocals and otherworldly (demonic?) incantations. It’s a thrilling expansion of an already-robust style. (full review)



7 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by DREAMCATCHER

  1. Back in my childhood days, i was never the one to seek out music. Except, for battle theme. I always searches up one piece’s or kingdom heart’s…..

    Anyway, my point is, dreamcatcher music appeals directly to that young boy hearts. Every single one of their singles are at least 9 in my books. My favourite is probably full moon with just the right contrast between it’s slower violin verses and the punchier guitar chorus.


  2. Phew, looking at all these tracks together…who else in kpop is doing it like the Leez/Ollounder/Eden team right now?? I straight-up would love for them to produce for every new group from a mid-size company right now if it wouldn’t spread them unrealistically thin. Everyone should be following their example.

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  3. Dreamcatcher is just one of the most (if not THE most) consistent k-pop groups right now. My top 5 is something like:

    1. Fly High
    2. Scream
    3. What
    4. Déjà Vu
    5. Chase Me

    On top of that, I’d like to remark the great collection of b-sides they already have. The dark EDM vibes of Sleep-walking, In The Frozen and Silent Night, Wonderland’s atmospheric r&b, Diamond’s mix of rock and reggaeton…

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  4. The scary part is this is a list of their 10 best title tracks or songs with a mv. Most of their best songs are b sides…their catalog of great music runs so deep!

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  5. damn we have v differently lists XD its difficult w groups these days bc so many songs have mvs/some kind of video even if theyre not promotional. i think if we’re counting strictly no bsides for dreamcatcher, my list would be
    9 – scream
    8 – good night
    7 – chase me
    6 – deja vu
    5 – what
    4 – you and i
    3 – endless night
    2 – fly high
    1 – piri
    bsides like wake up/ trap/ scar/ full moon/ silent night/ sleepwalking/ wonderland/ over the sky/curse of the spider are amazing too. DC’s discography is srsly underrated.


  6. Been reading this blog for quite a while, though this account is new. Your content is great and well thought-out, and our tastes align pretty well most of the time (barring a few exceptions). I’m just wondering, which 10 dreamcatcher b-sides are your favorites?

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