The Bias List’s Most-Played K-Pop & J-Pop Songs

After the post about my most-played K-Pop and J-Pop artists last weekend, a few of you have requested to see some most-played songs lists as well. I’m certainly not one to disappoint!

Before unveiling these, I want to briefly write about how I listen to music. I’m the kind of person who listens to A LOT of music, but I don’t generally get fixated on one song or album. I definitely have my favorites, but I have never been able to listen to the same song over and over again within a short period of time. I guess I get bored too easily.

So, although my iTunes registers a whopping 46,036 total plays since May 2015, my top-played song ranks at number one with a comparatively meager 55 plays. That’s just over 0.1% of my total plays!

As with last week’s charts, this data is only from May 2015 on. Anything released before that is at a distinct disadvantage, because I tend to listen to new songs the most during the few months after they were released. And as you can see by how close the play count rankings are, this is an ever-changing list.

Be sure to leave your own most-played lists in the comments!


 1. Infinite – The Chaser 55
 2. Snuper – The Star of Stars 43
 3. GFriend – Navillera 41
 4. NCT U – Without You 38
 5. Infinite – Man In Love 37
  ONF – Complete 37
  SHINee – View 37
  Snuper – It’s Raining 37
 6. Golden Child – Genie 35
 7. Astro – Hide & Seek 34
  Golden Child – It’s U 34
  Infinite – Last Romeo 34
 8. EXO – Love Me Right 33
  Snuper – Back:Hug 33
  UP10TION – Tonight 33
 9. GFriend – Rough 32
 10. AOA – Heart Attack 31
  Astro – Breathless 31
  NCT Dream – My First and Last 31
  Stray Kids – Miroh 31
 11. Golden Child – Let Me 30
  Lovelyz – For You 30
  Seventeen – Mansae 30
  Seventeen – Very Nice 30
 12. Golden Child – DamDaDi 28
  Golden Child – Lady 28
  Infinite – Paradise 28
  Red Velvet – Red Flavor 28
  Snuper – Platonic Love 28
  TXT – Crown 28
  Wonder Girls – I Feel You 28
 13. EXO – Lucky One 27
  Infinite – Moonlight 27
  Infinite – Up To You 27
  Infinite – Wind 27
  Seventeen – Don’t Wanna Cry 27
 14. Astro – Confession 26
  GFriend – Fingertip 26
  Golden Child – Eyes On You 26
  Infinite – Bad 26
  Nine Muses – Hurt Locker 26
 15. Girl’s Day – Don’t Forget Me 25
  Pentagon – Pretty Pretty 25
  SHINee – Good Evening 25


 1. KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive 28
 2. Kis-My-Ft2 – Gravity 23
  News – World Quest 23
 3. News – Kaguya 21
 4. KAT-TUN – Rescue 20
  News – Barefoot Cinderella Boy 20
 5. AAA – Dream After Dream 19
  Bullet Train – EBiDAY EBiNAI 19
  Dream – Private Wars 19
 6. KAT-TUN – Triangle 18
  Kis-My-Ft2 – Yes! I Scream 18
 7. Arashi – No One Knows 17
  Nissy – The Eternal Live 17
 8. Da-iCE – I Got Your Back 16
  KAT-TUN – One Day 16
  Kis-My-Ft2 – Explode 16
  M!LK – Over the Storm 16
 9. Bullet Train -Star Gear 15
  KAT-TUN – Believe in Myself 15
  Kis-My-Ft2 – Freeze 15
  News – Wonder 15
 10. FlowBack – Heartbreaker 14
  Hey! Say! JUMP – Call & Pray 14
  News – 4+Fan 14
  News – Megalomania 14

19 thoughts on “The Bias List’s Most-Played K-Pop & J-Pop Songs

  1. I’m similar with my listening style, though I think I listen a bit more than you do to my favorites. I’m not sure, though — it’s easy to feel like you’ve listened to a song a thousand times when it’s really only been a dozen!


  2. Girl’s Day – Don’t Forget Me! I feel like this song was/is so slept on! It’s definitely in the top 3 most played for me, with 1000+ plays since it came out at this point.


  3. To be honest 46,000+ plays in 5 years doesn’t seem like a lot as I have over 120,000+ since I started tracking my music consumption in October 2017, but you said you don’t put songs on repeat often so that’s understandable. Sometimes I can listen to a song 20 times in a day alone lol


  4. Cause i’m using (Free) spotify i don’t really get to pick my favourite much, though i too am the type who don’t listens to my absolute favourite too many times.

    Sometimes you just want to listen to the “7” songs instead of “10” all the times


  5. This is shocking to be honest. I’m the same type of person who gets bored of a song 1 or 2 months after its release. But those two months are more than enough for even average song over 50 plays. And some songs evergreen for me.
    My data since March 2019.
    So some old songs which are my favorites rank lower here or are missing.

    1. Sunmi Heroine – 137

    2. Travel Bol4
    BTS Spring Day -130
    Seventeen Mansae

    3. 2ne1 I am the best
    Bigbang Loser
    Shinee Good evening – 122
    EXO Love me right

    4. TXT Run away
    Stray kids Miroh – 115
    Gfriend Rough
    BTS Outro Tear

    5. Taeyang Eyes, Nose and
    Onewe Regulus
    Bvndit Dumb -97
    Infinite Wind
    Exo Lucky one

    6. Girls Day Don’t forget me
    BTS Boyz with fun
    Seventeen Very Nice
    2ne1 Fire – 92
    Exo Kokobop
    EXID I feel good

    7. TVXQ Rising Sun
    Super Junior Rokkugo
    BTS Sea – 88
    Red Velvet Peak a boo

    I wanted to complete top 10 but have to go to eat.

    Food first, food second, happiness third.


    • It’s not that I get bored with a song, it’s that I’m just always seeking out new music and that usually takes precedence. Plus, I more often listen to full/mini albums than single songs at a time. I also do a lot of huge, shuffled playlists, which spread the play counts around rather than focusing on only a few songs.

      It’s interesting to see the differences in people’s listening habits!


      • This is extremely different from me as well! My top song of all time – MIROH, has over 2500 listens!! I generally stick to a max 40-50 songs for the year, with a few going in and out. It’s not that I don’t listen to other songs, I’m just extremely picky and only listen to my absolute favourite ones haha.


  6. These are my top 15 acorrding to Spotify. I dont know how much I have played each of them though, I am guessing alot though. Unsurprisingly it mainly consists of my three favorite groups (Shinee, Oneus, and NCT).

    Face to Face- Wayv (I often sleep with this on repeat which is why its first, it is my favorite ballad though.)
    Tell me what to do- Shinee (The first kpop song I ever listened to, I found it by accident. I only listened to this for about two months before I started the rest of their dicography and to be honest I still havent gotten through all of it. Ten years of shinee is alot to catch up on.)
    Trigger the fever- NCT Dream
    End to Start- NCT 127
    Valkyrie- Oneus
    My page- NCT Dream
    Chemicals- Key
    My I- Seventeen
    Dont need your love- NCT Dream
    Hero- Oneus
    Fireflies- NCT Dream
    I want you- Shinee
    Bing Bing- Oneus
    119- NCT Dream
    Who waits for love- Shinee


  7. When looking at my Top 15 most played I can see just how different our tastes are, but I’ve always respected your reviews on songs (even if I disagree sometimes) and you’ve definitely helped me notice more about the production of songs I would’ve never noticed before. For me 2016 I was kind of in a kpop hole where I would listen to the same thing over and over and wouldn’t really listen to every release that came out, which is why so many of my most listened to songs are from 2016 (and since they’ve been out longer). I actually started listening to more kpop after finding your blog! It’s how I keep up with all the new releases. Anyways with that said here is my Top 15:
    1. Be Quiet – Monsta X (138)
    2. Not Today – BTS (132)
    3. Blood Sweat & Tears (120)
    4. Beautiful – Monsta X (113)
    5. Bling Bling – Ikon (116)
    6. Make It Rain – Bastarz (111)
    7. Really Really – Winner (106)
    8. Limitless – NCT 127 (105)
    9. Cypher Pt 4 – BTS (103)
    10. Bebe – Seo In Guk (102)
    11. Tina – MASC (98)
    12. Bermuda Triangle – Zico/Crush/Dean (98)
    13. The Closer – VIXX (97)
    14. DNA – BTS (94)
    15. 21st Century Girl – BTS (90)
    ** BTS is my Ult Group so their songs are always in heavy rotation for me, but their music from 2016-2017 was some of my favorite music.

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  8. Oh this is really late but I’ve been tracking my listening since around November 2018 thanks to last fm. I listen using Spotify and when I like a track I replay the hell out of it. But since I got into kpop around late 2017, alot of tracks that would have registered 100’s of plays throughout 2018 won’t register here. Shinhwas perfect man is probably the biggest example since it was apparently my most listened song according to Spotify but I’ve barely listened to it since last year! As a result most of the list is just going to be 2019 songs ahhaha.

    So atm my top 15 are like so:

    1. Infinite – The Chaser (443)
    2. Stray Kids – Miroh (397)
    3. BTS – Boy With Luv (377)
    4. Oh My Girl – Closer (248)
    5. Oh My Girl – Twilight (223)
    6. Stray Kids – Side Effects (205)
    7. BTS – Spring Day (191)
    8. WJSN – As You Wish (189)
    9. TXT – Run Away (188)
    10. Gfriend – Labyrinth (179)
    11. Oh My Girl – The 5th Season (177)
    12. Gfriend – Rough (164)
    13. Twice – Fancy (161)
    14. Snuper – The Star of Stars (147)
    15. Dreamcatcher – Silent Night (142)

    There would be alot more 2nd gen groups had my first year in the kpop loophole been recorded! I’m pretty sure Gfriends Rough would be in my top 5 easily!


  9. This is my list, it takes into account a long period of listening though. It seems i don’t play newer song to death like I did the ones from a couple years ago

    1 Crooked – G-Dragon (228)
    2 Empty Road – Taeyang (151)
    3 And July (feat. Dean & DJ Friz) – Heize (141)
    3 Empty – Winner (141)
    4 Bubbles – Neon Bunny (138)
    5 Loser – BIGBANG (127)
    6 Move – Taemin (121)
    7 Black Happiness – Yoonmirae (114)
    8 Baby Baby – Winner (113)
    9 Saturday (feat. Black Nut) – Beenzino (106)
    9 I am You, You are Me – Zico (106)
    10 Drip Drop – Taemin (103)
    11 Cafe – BIGBANG (102)
    12 Why So Lonely – Wonder Girls (100)
    13 I’m in Trouble (feat. Loco) – Giriboy (98)
    13 Love Song – Miss A (98)
    14 I Feel You – Wonder Girls (97)
    15 Keep On Doin’ – Luna (94)

    SF9 – Now or Never is a couple of plays shy, but deserves the shoutout


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