The Top Ten Best Songs by ASTRO

Astro were one of the first new debuts after I started The Bias List, and it’s been very fun watching them grow over the years. With the release of May’s Knock, they’re delivered enough title tracks to qualify for a top ten list, though I did switch out that underwhelming song in favor of a non-promoted music video.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice that this particular countdown feels lopsided, structured almost in chronological order. This doesn’t seem all that promising for the group’s future, but taken as a whole these ten tracks make up a near-flawless list.

10. Blue Flame (2019)

Astro’s first real misstep, though the song has aged a little better than I would have thought. Still, it’s as generic as the group has ever sounded. (full review)

9. Hanasake Mirai (2019)

As Astro’s first original J-pop release, Hanasake Mirai retains just enough of their classic sound to avoid becoming completely faceless. That splashy synth chorus is immensely satisfying. (full review)

8. Cat’s Eye (2016)

A side track given a music video referencing Astro’s pre-debut journey. It’s a fun, nostalgic slice of dance pop with a pleasant, breezy chorus and a few interesting instrumental touches.

7. All Night (2019)

A classic synth slow-jam, All Night took the group’s music to a more subdued place. And while it doesn’t boast the kind of bubblegum hooks that made their earlier work so addictive, its restraint turned out to be an asset in the long run. (full review)

6. Always You (2018)

The first Astro title track that could be considered “moody,” Always You still impressed with a towering chorus and majestic EDM sound. (full review)

5. Crazy Sexy Cool (2017)

Drawing on Astro’s funk prowess, Crazy Sexy Cool saw them paired with producers LDN Noise to brilliant effect. It’s their smoothest sounding title track, by far. (full review)

4. Baby (2017)

Baby’s percolating synth beat has just gotten better and better as the years have passed. There’s a buoyancy to this dance track that proves difficult to resist, slightly maturing the group’s image without sacrificing their pop core. (full review)

3. Confession (2016)

The last of Astro’s Youngbae/Iggy-produced singles, Confession is pure bubblegum bliss, wrapped in a driving dance beat and topped with an anthemic, candy-coated chorus. It perfectly captures a sense of youthful exuberance. (full review)

2. Breathless (2016)

Breathless verges on too saccharine for its own good, but its guitar-fueled summertime sound and cheerful, multi-pronged chorus is my kind of K-pop cheese. Few title tracks elicit summertime as strongly as this, and it’s become an evergreen classic of the season. (full review)

1. Hide & Seek (2016)

It’s rare for a group to debut with their best song, but Astro’s Hide & Seek is a perfect distillation of their bright, poppy sound, melodic heft and ebullient spirit. The song is a rollicking good time, never slowing in its pursuit to deliver one sing-along hook after another. By the time we reach the climax, Hide & Seek has snowballed into a state of bubblegum nirvana, cresting with an invigorating blend of anthemic refrains. (full review)



10 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by ASTRO

  1. I still don’t know why you dislike Blue Flame , It’s awesome for me , atleast.
    10. Blue Flame
    9. Hansake Mirai
    8. All Night
    7. Crazy , Sexy and Cool
    8. Always You
    5. Baby
    4. Cat Eyes
    3. Confession
    2. Breathless
    1. Hide & Seek
    Can you please make A TOP 10 ALBUM TRACKS for Astro and I think Golden Child have released enough singles for Top 10 , including Spring Again , Will you do it?


    • Golden Child is one title track away from a top ten list, unless I count Joochan’s solo (which I’m not going to do, even though I love it).

      An Astro b-side list may come eventually! They’ve got some great ones.

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      • Seems about right , I think they’ll go bright for their next comeback since the trilogy is over so it seems it will be enough to cover the list


  2. Similarly to Hide & Seek, Cat’s Eye actually remains one of my all time favorite Astro songs…probably in my top 3. It’s just so addicting.

    It’s too bad Should’ve Held On/Again never got an MV because that track is very solid as well and reminds me of some of B1A4 or Beast’s more emotional work.

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  3. ‘Always You’ was my intro to Astro – having only heard a brief snippet of the chorus in a compilation, I was immediately smitten. For that reason, it’ll likely always be my #1.

    Everything from before that (i.e. their best work, according to everyone else) has always felt good, but a bit… featherweight to me. That said, I haven’t really sat with it for long. Maybe it’s time I give it a proper shot!


    • I would definitely recommend their 2017 Dream Part.01 album, for sure. One of the best, consistently poppy K-pop albums of the past few years.


  4. As a used-to-be massive fan, I agree on the chronological comment- I don’t want to complain that all my favourite groups are getting worse (that wouldnt be true) but sometimes it really feels that way. This would be my list:
    1. Hide & Seek
    2. Baby
    3. Breathless
    4. Crazy Sexy Cool
    5. Confession
    6. Cat’s Eye
    – all of the above I absolutely love –

    7. Hanasakemirai – I still really like this one
    8. Blue Flame – generic, yes, but I like the style
    9. All Night – it’s..not bad, I guess? This kind of edm sound is just not for me ( just like Seventeens shift in style)
    10. Always You – not my style, I don’t even like the chorus.

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