Song Review: G-reyish – Blood Night

Girl group G-reyish has been around for nearly four years now, and it’s always a pleasant surprise when they pop up with a new comeback. We don’t get  to hear from them often. In fact, we didn’t hear from them at all in 2020. At its best, their music conjures memories of the fun, retro pop of 2nd gen acts like T-ara. It’s probably not fair to compare their best work to other artists, but the inspiration behind their songs seems intentional.

Unfortunately, G-reyish are also one of K-pop’s many under-the-radar groups that are clearly constrained by a tight budget. The pull between ambition and financial means is palpable, and comes across quite clearly in new single Blood Night (숨).

I appreciate what Blood Night is attempting to do, and it’s quite fun in fits and starts. It boasts an honest-to-goodness chorus, which is always welcome. It may not be an utterly fantastic chorus… but it’s a chorus nonetheless. And like their last (underrated) single Kkili Kkili, Blood Night has a single-minded dancefloor energy that’s brisk and exciting. But from the generic synth textures to the rough vocal arrangement, there’s a cheapness to the track that undoubtedly could have been improved upon with a bigger budget. Still, the girls work with what they have and ensure that Blood Night pulses with enough hooks to keep it memorable throughout. I’d still love to hear the girls return to their more polished Johnny Go Go days, but at least Blood Night manages to borrow some of the infectious energy from those past singles.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

3 thoughts on “Song Review: G-reyish – Blood Night

  1. There is nothing wrong with this song other than it sounds like several other girl kpop songs out there. It a fairly workaday all the way around – songwriting, production, performance, video.

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  2. There weren’t any surprises throughout the track, it went pretty much exactly the way I thought it would. I do appreciate the chorus even if it’s kinda…. piercing? I wish they could a redo, scrap the rapping and create some nice builds in the second verse and bridge.

    regardless, it’s pretty cool to see them. I can’t help but root for them. They’re like my new berrygood/sonamoo. I never know if I’ll see them again, but their very presence just feels good

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  3. TL;DR: Should’ve been this > ✊, instead of this > 🥊.

    Low budget? Sure, but I can forgive that if the song sticks in my head. This didn’t. It just lacked oomph. It felt like boxing with someone wearing training gloves, versus someone with bare fists. Sure, a few hits landed, but.. Sorry, folks. No K.O. because the other boxer took a dive before the first bell rang.

    P.S. I know, I’m being unfairly glib. Like you, Nick, I never want to see a group fail. There’s real people getting real hurt when that happens. I’ll never wish that upon anyone. So, in an effort to swap out the horns for the halo, I hope they can endure till the pandemic of the fandemic is over and they can go back to earning. Maybe toss in a small prayer for an EXID’onian reawakening like Brave Girls just received.

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