SHINee ATLANTIS: In-Depth Album Review – Area

SHINee - AtlantisAfter SHINee’s Don’t Call Me album was released in February, I broke it down track by track. And now that we have a repackage on our hands, it’s time to add those new tracks to the in-depth album review!

1. Atlantis // 2. CØDE // 3. Don’t Call Me // 4. Area // 5. Heart Attack // 6. Marry You // 7. Days and Years // 8. I Really Want You // 9. Kiss Kiss // 10. Attention // 11. Body Rhythm // 12. Kind


Along with its new tracks, Atlantis has shuffled around its original sequencing. This is an interesting move, and some of the choices make a ton of sense (CØDE directly after Atlantis? Wow.). But, a song like Area (같은 자리) feels better suited to the second half of the album, which is moodier and more subdued.

Wherever it’s placed, this is still a great track. It carries a sense of melancholy at odds with the rest of Atlantis, but the instrumental grooves on addictive percussion that fits perfectly with the funkier offerings surrounding it.

Area thrives on its vocal performance, which wafts in like a gentle breeze. But, this breeze has bite. The wistful falsetto during the chorus is a testament to SHINee’s range, and evokes emotion even as its twisting melody thrills. The verses are less memorable, but fueled by nuanced performances that elevate the material. Then, as Area approaches its final chorus, SHINee are echoed by muted brass that injects a new texture to the already-tactile track. Compared to a blockbuster like Atlantis, this would be considered subtle. But, it’s far from dull.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8



4 thoughts on “SHINee ATLANTIS: In-Depth Album Review – Area

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  2. I listened to Atlantis and CODE back to back and it felt like I was ascending right through the heavens.

    Area is good but I think it needs an extra element to throw it over the top!

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  3. I’m a tiny bit obsessed with Onew’s voice in this and the “the night’s never gonna be the same”.

    Reading the lyrics (which were written by Minho, I believe) it makes absolute sense why the song is structured the way it is and it made me appreciate it more.

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