Song Review: T1419 – Flex

T1419 - FlexT1419 are one of several rookies who have yet to win me over. I’m easily convinced if given a fantastic song or engaging performance, but both Asurabalbalta and Exit felt undercooked. The former hinged upon a noisy soundscape that failed to distinguish T1419 from the boy group pack, while the latter brought greater hip-hop focus but stumbled through a sing-song chorus. New single Flex takes elements from both tracks and attempts to forge them into something greater. It’s successful in fits and starts, but leaves me longing for something more unique.

Flex’s introduction delivers this missing link, unveiling a symphonic opener that instantly catches attention. Unfortunately, these elements only return during the song’s pre-chorus, largely buried within the rest of the production. Flex could have been awesome if given a full orchestral makeover, like an updated version of ToppDogg’s fantastic 2014 single TopDog. Instead, the cool stuff is relegated to the intro and bridge – window dressing for a song that’s otherwise quite generic.

Flex’s prickly synth beat shows promise, clobbering the listener right as it kicks in. Unfortunately, this culminates in a lazy chorus consisting of little more than “na na na” + “flex.” If you’re really flexing, you don’t need to tell us. A killer song will show us how great a group is. We won’t need convincing. Too much of Flex feels desperate to impress, and that sentiment makes it hard to take seriously. It’s a shame, because the song boasts some genuinely interesting moments, overtaken by familiar boy group bluster.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

10 thoughts on “Song Review: T1419 – Flex

  1. This was the third MV I watched this morning after SKZ and VV, and was definitely my favorite of the three. I’m a sucker for symphonic elements and thought the hook hit the sweet spot between a little too ponderous (“THUNDEROUS”) and a little too awkward/generic (“pull the trigger”). It’s silly, but comfortable in its silliness – I will definitely be shouting along the next time I’m in the car.

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    • Circling back after watching a few stages, I still really like this one. They manage maybe 85% of the swag a song like this calls for, which is good enough for me. The styling and choreo give me Block B vibes at points, and I think it’s a lot of fun that they’ve incorporated the ballerina into their stages. I wasn’t especially impressed by “Asurabalta” but I did like “Exit”, and this is another step in the right direction.


  2. Aaaaand, here is the other I would advise no one to listen to at 0 dark 30 in the morning. With or without coffee.

    When do people listen to a song like this? What activity are you doing, besides maybe workout time? Asking for a friend.

    The song throws in a lot of cookies, like the symphonic elements, and the violin solo. The theatricality feels forced though. There isn’t enough musical heft to carry it.

    As a point of comparison, here is a loud song near and dear to my heart, Metallica “Battery”. I used to listen to this album on cassette tape when I was studying late at night in college to get me hyped sans caffeine. Four guys making a wall of sound of awesomeness.

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    • I mainly listen to songs like this while driving, but also workouts (weightlifting, not running) or workout-adjacent activities (gardening, cleaning, shoveling snow), or if I’m doing something especially mindless at work late in the day and am trying to keep myself awake. I can’t use them for anything requiring brainpower, however, as they tend to be the songs I know really well and therefore even the fact that parts are in Korean doesn’t keep the lyrics from being distracting. When I was in law school I’d listen to film scores for the energy boost – John Williams, Han Zimmer, Howard Shore, etc. Now I listen to higher-energy b-sides.


      • Film scores, yes! Back when, Room with a View, Last of the Mohicans. Also, got to admit, Broadway and movie musicals, singling along, the cornier the better. Then in grad school for me it was usually classical and folk though. There was a Tower Records nearby with a whole floor of classical that took all my money.

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        • Ooh, Last of the Mohicans has such a beautiful soundtrack. I’ve been disappointed that Disney has really shortchanged scores in the MCU movies in particular. I was really into classical music in high school and college in particular, and still go down that rabbit hole occasionally. There’s a modern composer/pianist named Ludovico Einaudi who I absolutely love. He put out a six hour release in late 2019 called “Seven Days Walking” that was on heavy repeat last year.


          • Yep. He’s like a modern day George Winston, with Italian titles.
            “Winter Into Spring” is one of my favorite albums ever. He gets a ringing pinging out of the piano which is just gorgeous.


  3. I’m a sucker for strings (ironic for me to say as I dislike playing the violin) so maybe I can be more forgiving for this song.
    There’s a lot of more stuff I like here than parts I hate… like the intro and the pre-chorus. I love how dramatic those parts are. And those parts definitely could have hinted something a lot more, grand! I just wish the chorus wasn’t as, lazy, like you had put it.


  4. I just…really didn’t like the flex element. Like if you are so badass why do you have to tell us you are flexing? I don’t know I’m just being really nit picky.

    The song isn’t bad at all, I think your rating is accurate. It’s just not AMAZING me in any way.

    (Except for the strings in the begining. That was pretty epic not gonna lie).

    I wish their fashion was a little different in the mv. It just felt like young boys trying too hard to be bad boys 😭. (But I did like the boxing fight and the overall concept)


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