Song Review: Taeyeon – INVU

Taeyeon - INVUFor better or worse, I don’t immediately associate Taeyeon’s solo career with dance tracks. So, when it was announced that new single INVU would have house influences, my ears perked up. A vocalist as powerful as Taeyeon would make a natural fit for a big club banger. But, INVU takes a different approach, painting a vibe rather than dropping blockbuster beats.

This approach shouldn’t be surprising. Taeyeon’s work tends to emphasis emotion and vulnerability. INVU fits right within this wheelhouse, albeit with a more insistent beat. As a song, it’s smooth and assured. A dull electronic throb powers the instrumental all the way through, culminating in a compelling loop during the chorus. I wouldn’t call INVU “trance,” but it has a trance-like quality that’s bound to hypnotize listeners. Taeyeon sounds fantastic – especially when the pre-chorus lets her vocal bust loose. The melodies are satisfying in their dreamlike appeal, and INVU builds toward a suitable climax.

(You all know there’s a “but” coming, right? It seems to be par for the course for my K-pop reviews these days!)

INVU delivers on its intentions, but I wish it would have set its sights just a bit higher. The song feels like it’s holding back, content to ride on groove and mood rather than go for the jugular. I realize this approach probably wouldn’t match the track’s vibe, but I crave a moment or two of real drama. The dynamic pre-chorus comes closest, and could have led into a knockout chorus instead of relying so heavily on the beat. Even so, INVU’s mesmeric qualities are bound to give it strong staying power.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

45 thoughts on “Song Review: Taeyeon – INVU

  1. I don’t know, even I was beguiled by the song, I wouldn’t say it’s instantly captivating. At the release of just the teaser, I was already kind of disappointed with the chorus. The actual song has the same issue. A more robust melody heavy chorus might’ve set things right.


    • Yeah it’s a song that has production carrying it because the verses and chorus…are just there. I am all about hooks that’s why I instantly check out a song that was given a 9 or 10 hooks score in this site. I personally think a song that has a 9 or 10 hooks score with an 8 production score is better than a song with an 8 hooks score with a 9 production score.

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  2. I like it!!! Don’t love it though. I don’t really yearn for the need of “drama” in every pop song similar to u but I do wish the song took a risk or two.

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  3. Her voice in the verse is still amazing, it brings emotion to dance track. But let’s be honest, Taeyeon is not a performance, so for the chorus that don’t have many singing part like this song, we expect an outburst performance, which Taeyeon can’t not give.
    A K-Pop song is not just about the music, it’s the concept, visual, performance, style… everything. I’m kind of disappointed. I even like Can’t control myself better than this one.


  4. I almost never enjoy Taeyeon’s solo work (basically only like Something New and What Do I Call You), but this one is really good imo. Laid back and certainly not doing anything particularly exciting, but memorable nonetheless. Reminds me of some of the moody, trance-influenced stuff that came from jpop in the early 2000s – things like Utada Hikaru’s “Colors”, for instance. I was hoping she’d tap into that more on the rest of the album since she’s never done this sound before, but unfortunately it’s a pretty bland combination of her typical fare imo.


  5. Haven’t watched any teasers of this, so I just kept saying the title as one whole word. So when the build up to the I ENVY YOU came it really fvcked me up lol. Also I N V U is such a lady gaga thing to do and I love it.

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  6. Oh SAME I also thought that the song had a nice build but could’ve been more beefed up in the last chorus. She looked great though, this is a stunning MV


  7. I liked it a lot, though it’s probably not my favorite from the album. I think Taeyeon suits this style surprisingly well (though I’d except a vocalist of her caliber to excel at most things). Very Rihannaesque to me, mostly in the form of “Towards the Sun” but I could see an argument for “Diamonds.” I think the last chorus could’ve benefited from a repeat and maybe a few actual lines at the end (it ends so abruptly). Had the song been pushed a little further I think we would’ve had a real knockout. Still, Taeyeon never disappoints.


  8. OH, THIS is stunning. NGL, It’s been a while since K-Pop has amazed me like this. The progression of this song is so well thought out. I love the atmosphere of it. The music video is also so captivating. This is super fresh.

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  9. INVU & Cant control myself is perfect song but is so weird everytime taeyeon release new song, people in here always comment”i like the previous song better than this”

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    • Did you just gloss over the fact that some people said that this is their favorite taeyeon song in a long time? Did you also gloss over the fact some people called this their favorite album of the year? Did you gloss over the fact that some people loved the b-sides?

      My man, only *one* person told that they liked the previous song better than this and even now you’re just nitpicking.
      Just stop thinking we have some vendetta against Taeyeon dude, take a chill pill.

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  10. I went through my Spotify liked playlist and rediscovered Taeyeon’s INVU which lead me to listen to her album. Now I’m here wondering why ‘Siren’ wasn’t a buried treasure. THIS SONG is a solid 9 for me. It’s slow and unassuming build up leads perfectly into the atmospheric chorus.


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