Song Review: Cherry Bullet – Love In Space

Cherry Bullet - Love In SpaceCherry Bullet’s promotional schedule has been infrequent, with their last title track emerging over a year ago. But, Love So Sweet found its way on many a year-end list, charming with its synth tones and catchy chorus. I liked the song too, but not enough to consider it a 2021 highlight. New single Love In Space is a different story. It’s the latest in K-pop’s synthpop assault, but its catchy melodies help it stand out.

Cherry Bullet’s music hasn’t had an identifiable, trademark sound thus far. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon, but Love In Space makes for a great fit that could forge a strong template for the group. The synths are turned all the way up, whether it’s the commanding riff in the chorus or the groovy synthwave loop that fuels the pre-chorus. I’m a big fan of this majestic sound. Love In Space feels full and exciting. Better yet, the verses thrive on a sense of intentional structure. Yes, there’s still plenty of sing-talk to wade through. But, it’s forged into a memorable melody that utilizes rapid-fire delivery in a fun way.

Love In Space also boasts an incredibly catchy hook. The vocal arrangement is a little shouty for its own good, but I can’t complain about the melody that forms the central refrain. It matches the stately synth backdrop, offering a shot of drama. The song hinges on many of the K-pop tricks we’ve heard over and over this year, but configures them in a way that feels fresh. This has to be Cherry Bullet’s strongest effort yet.

Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.75

32 thoughts on “Song Review: Cherry Bullet – Love In Space

    • Umm according to my opinion this song was absolutely good and catchy but I will give only 6 out of 10 I think stayc should change their concept also I mean I ain’t hating but the same concept for every comeback is kinda boring


    • Umm according to my opinion this song was absolutely good and catchy but I will give only 3 out of 10 I think stayc should change their concept also I mean I ain’t hating but the same concept for every comeback is kinda boring I hope next time STAYC prepares for next comeback with different


    • Umm according to my opinion this song was absolutely good and catchy but I will give only 3 out of 10 because the concept of the song is kinda boring they should change their concept not every time cute concepts are good I mean they r good but just see twice they used to make cute concepts but they suddenly started changing their concept into girl crush, dark concept, cute etc..


  1. I am done with this City Pop / 80’s retro trend. I just can’t.

    Also, I had to check my settings. This one sounds like I had left 1.25x on ON, and I did not. Especially the vocal line, notsomuch the instrumental which sounds like mud when I move the speed down to 0.9 or 0.8.


      • Alas. I am in the 4th stage of grief, past Bargaining and into Depression. I am long way from Acceptance stage.

        But seriously, what is going on with the speed of the vocal line in here? Its sounds to me as if they recorded the vocal slower, and then sped it up with the skips deliberately left in, and then attached it to a regular time instrumental. I have listened to it a few times since this morning, and the little skips and speed mismatch reminds me of having a 33 rpm record on 45 rpm. I just want to reach over and turn the knob.

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        • *hugs* That sounds like how I feel when I go back to 2017 or so and get smashed in the face with tropical house – I don’t think I ever would have gotten into kpop if that were still the dominant trend going into 2020. The city retro 80s sound has been growing on me though – I think Everglow’s “Pirate” chiseled a hole in my rock-loving heart and laid disco eggs in my heart.

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          • I don’t think there’s a musical trend i hated more than trop pop or a lot of those other bright EDM trends from the late 2010s. Thank GOD that era is gone. As far as the retro trend…I still enjoy it but like I don’t think I expected this rather novel trend to have so much dominance. Not even just in kpop (because the industry sometimes goes overboard with trends) but even the west & Japan is still stuck on it. It’s just taken over EVERYTHING. Even when I like a stupid amount of songs within the style I’m quietly praying on its downfall.

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  2. It’s nice, especially because of the chorus melody and the almost rap like vocal delivery in the verses. But, I kind of can’t remember much about the song, neither did it wow me – there wasn’t anything that would stay in my head. Also doesn’t help that the 80s synths are becoming slightly overused by now……but I suspect it’ll grow on me though.


  3. I love the rap like vocal parts!! This is something totally unexpected from Chebul and I love it!! ❤️ From the second it starts it stays so tight throughout and I love the instrumental!! Definitely an amazing cb and I know the stages will be great!! March has just begun and this is such a great start!! ❤️


  4. this is hitting more for me and my 80s loving nostalgia heart more than chiquita somehow? which i know is the reverse for your reviews, but i think this one is melodically (with very fast-ish verses and the “love in space” being repeated is fun?) more my taste. the instrumental guides the rest of the song along well and in general, i’m happy that they’re back after the excellent love so sweet.

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    • also i got distracted today because of the new snowman mv just dropped (brother beat)! can’t wait for your review of it – (personally) i think the song is okay by itself but the music video / performance from all nine members is very charming and makes it more fun!


  5. I totally agree that this is cherry bullet’s best song. I’ve been obsessed with this song. I can’t stop playing it. Many times a song’s verses feel throwaway, but the verses here are so memorable. I’m in love with the song and it’s my favorite song of the year so far. #betterthanchiquita


  6. I haven’t stayed up for an album release (so to speak — I noticed it was only 30 minutes out and decided to stick it out) in so long, but I’m really glad I did. The whole album is really nice and polished. Every single song is in my likes now, and I can be pretty picky! That said, my enthusiasm for this specifically sound is slowly waning, and I have always been pretty fervently against city pop (I don’t know if this would count as that?). Very happy with this release, regardless. I dig the rapid-fire verses more than I thought I would.


  7. Well, so far March has brought two days in a row with temperatures over 25F and two idol group releases I like better than anything from last month so that’s pretty awesome. Sing-talk that’s more sing than talk? A chorus that builds instead of an anti-drop? Performers that appear to be enjoying themselves? Am I going to have to start watching music shows again? I’m also really liking that this is on the longer side – 3:30 is long now, right? – it didn’t feel too drawn out but more like the song had room to breathe.

    F that CG cat through – that’s some nightmare fuel for sure.

    I definitely recommend the EP – I might like “Broken” even better than the title. I love the male backing vocals in the chorus – kpop so rarely mixes genders that it really stands out. They do the same thing with some slightly goofy do-wop-ping in “Hiccups” (I think I actually heard someone sing “do wop” in there) which is weird to hear from fourth gen kpop but I might actually love it? I didn’t like the high-pitched synth at the beginning of “Kka Kka” but it grew on me somehow, and “My Boo” has great Jackson Five, last-song-of-the-concert energy, with some chanting that actually feels appropriate.


    • I’m a sucker for a good doo-wop! Twice’s HO! is pretty high on my list for the same reason — that one in particular pulled it off so, so well.


  8. Definitely agree with this being Cherry Bullet’s best song – I loved Love So Sweet too, but this might top it. I’m also a big fan of the “majestic” sound you were referring to – the song (the chorus in particular) feels so grand and thrilling. The highlight medley sounded pretty good, so I’m excited to listen to the album later too! Hope this release + the members’ participation on GP999 brings Cherry Bullet some more recognition (first win? :0)!


  9. im sorry but the b-side kka kka makes me laugh so fkn hard. kka kka sounds like “caca” which means “poop” in spanish, and the group pronounces it just like that with no shame whatsoever. im just that immature

    like the first time i saw the title, i laughed so hard i could barely breathe


  10. I waited before posting my thoughts on this release and.. ..I can’t. I just can’t.

    /skulks away with a sad panda face.


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