Song Review: Monsta X – If With U

Monsta X - If With UAre you kidding me? Another Universe release? This app needs to stop doing this to me! Worse yet, this is the second Monsta X song to be released via Universe. Groups. are. double. dipping. Will the madness ever end??

Well, there’s not much to say about If With U. It’s pleasant but dull, somewhere between sentimental mid-tempo and sanitized dance track. But, its title got me thinking about other Monsta X songs and the context listeners might enjoy them, so I’ve developed a guide for everyone’s amusement:

If with a flirty lover, click here.

If with a time traveler on the run, click here.

If with the Avengers, click here.

If with French Montana, click here.

If with a summer drive, windows down, click here.

If with a Korean folk band, click here.

If with a high roller in Vegas, click here.

If with a boxer, click here.

If with a Florida gator hunt, click here.

If with a traffic jam, click here.


If with a trendy department store, barely listening to the background music, click here.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


13 thoughts on “Song Review: Monsta X – If With U

  1. If reading a kpop blog that is in turns serious and silly, inciteful and spiteful, earnest and antic, reverent and irreverent, passionate and petulant, go here:

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  2. If you feel bored because of most k-pop releases being underwhelming recently, then watch this masterpiece:

    You won’t regret it. Enjoy!


  3. oh my god, your title track guide had me in tears. i don’t think any of your readers are gonna get as much laughter out of “Florida gator hunt” as me, tbh 😂 i did 100% think “summer drive, windows down” was going to be play it cool LOL.

    there is so much to be said about fandom and how it affects your enjoyment of the music – i can easily understand how someone could get nothing out of this but from a diehard jooheon stan point of view, just hearing him go wild in the adlibs as usual is enough to put a smile on my face and a glow in my heart. 😌👍🏻 this will be in the rotation for sure ^^

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    • Same!! I absolutely adored this song because I loved all the guys’ voices so much… it almost felt like a sweet little gift to Monbebe (even though that’s definitely not the case considering this is another Universe song hahaha). But even though I tend to kind of like songs like this, would I have loved it THIS much if I wasn’t a Monbebe? Who knows, and who cares lol, everything worked out in the end so that I’d love the song, I guess XD


  4. The real question here is why is someone reading a Joy Fielding book in the video? Are they a secret fan of women’s psychological suspense?


  5. Wait a moment, I hadn’t even heard Fighter before this and it’s already fighting (sorry) with Gambler for best Monsta X title track……


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