Song Review: SF9 – Scream

SF9 - ScreamAfter eight months without a comeback, SF9 have returned as SF6. Such is the reality for K-pop’s boy groups, who must juggle military enlistments as their career matures. But, that’s beside the point because the guys have finally stepped out of their moody, sensual style and embraced sunny summertime pop! They’ve delivered an entire album indebted to upbeat, seasonal grooves and title track Scream kicks off the party.

Judging from the teasers, I had high hopes for this one. It’s so refreshing to hear a boy group tackle something bright and bubbly and fun. Scream doesn’t disappoint, even if it falls short of being a legendary masterpiece. The percolating beat kicks up right from the start, driven by an insistent thump that keeps the tempo high. Electronic accents add a great sense of tension. Scream’s instrumental is suitable for a party, but hides a sliver of pathos that makes it feel a bit dangerous as well.

The song’s hooks are anything but dangerous. From the propulsive, rap-heavy verses to the soft pre-chorus with its breezy bed of harmonies, Scream is aimed straight at the dancefloor. Its chorus is simple but effective, playing with ascending and descending notes that feel like waves coming at the listener. It’s a bit repetitive, but not in an annoying way. “Cream cream cream” is an… interesting centerpiece, but musically this is right in my wheelhouse. Now, I have to figure out if the song is really strong enough to warrant a “9” or if I’m just super desperate for upbeat summer fare. Time will tell, but I’m feeling pretty generous today. This is going to sound fantastic in the car.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


17 thoughts on “Song Review: SF9 – Scream

  1. Yes! Yes! Yessssss!!!
    This is the second boy group comeback in a row which I actually love! So great that instead of following this terrible shout-a-thon trend the guys have opted for a classic summer bop. But the refrain is just chef’s kiss, though it has to grow on me a bit ’cause I find it quite…weird.😂
    My rating would be 8.75.

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  2. If I were to really rate the song, perhaps low to mid 8’s.
    But I just can’t listen to a song that repeats Ice cream cream cream cream. Followed by scream scream scream scream scream. The dirty mind in me just can’t handle it, especially with the kids in the backseat of the car.

    Also, Hyuna really owns the kpop ice cream cream cream space now and forever. She goes there. SF9 pulls ….um goes th … um SF9 doesn’t match up

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    • looking up the lyrics … runs away … comes back

      How the hell did these lyrics get by the Korean censors? These dirty little bastards. And the rest of us dirty dirty minded people.

      We can do it, are you with me?

      This song has risen immensely in my estimation.

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  3. Love how the rap is seamlessly woven into the song. The bit of slowdown doesn’t stop the song. So needed. And they still keep some of their sultry aloofness.

    I had to watch the video on the “big tv” because I wanted to honor, uh, Yoo Taeyang’s artistry. My husband commented that they looked like “a bunch of hobos – old guys wearing clothes that don’t fit.” I am now calling them boho-hobos.

    You damn right it’s going here.


  4. Oh they’re sneaky. “Blow my whistle” indeed. We’ve got a sex song disguised as a summer bop, complete with a mv with all the set pieces of an innocent summer song – bright colors, ball court, beach, pickup truck. It’s completely addictive too.

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  5. ooh….I don’t know if I’d rate it that high to be honest. The song is alright? There are no standout moments within the song that catches my attention. The chorus is weak and it keeps the same underwhelming vibe throughout the whole song. I’d give this a low 7s at the highest.

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  6. My enjoyment for this track has been instant but I don’t think it’s really a summer song. I feel like the video wanted me to fool me into believing that. Still a great song though

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