Song Review: Villain – Dance With Me

Villain - Dance With MeThere are many under-the-radar releases that don’t get coverage on The Bias List. Some aren’t featured because they’re not really an idol product. Some are honestly too boring to write about. Others don’t get reviews because their music video has about five hundred views (which leads me to believe no one would be interested in reading about them!). Villain’s Dance With Me fits in the third category, but the song has been kicking around my playlist for awhile so I figure I should write a little something about it!

Plus, it’s been a slooooow week.

Dance With Me is the result of the “Future Idol Asia Project,” and I’m not sure whether Villain is a project group or an actual debuting idol act. The music video was clearly shot on a budget, and as far as I can tell the guys aren’t doing any music show performances.

Dance With Me is totally generic, but it’s the kind of generic that’s tailored just for me. I’ll always love this kind of propulsive dance pop. It reminds me of early-10’s K-pop. It’s almost Sweetune-esque, though it lacks the immaculate production that’s always been a hallmark of their work. Instead, the song wisps through a series of airy vocal segments. There’s a verse, pre-chorus and chorus, but the whole thing kind of melds together into one dominant energy. This works to Dance With Me’s benefit, especially the more you listen to it. It’s a concentrated burst of upbeat excitement. I wish these boys well! If the rest of September continues to limp along the way it has so far, the track just might become a highlight of my monthly roundup!

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

6 thoughts on “Song Review: Villain – Dance With Me

  1. this song is your typical edm dance-pop song from the early 2010s, pretty enjoyable, but not sure if i’ll replay it constantly in the near future. rating’s about right

    anyway, this is pretty promising


  2. Very generic for sure, but I do like the song. That synth that see-saws in the back is pretty interesting though and holds my interest. Can’t see myself coming back to it often cause not much sticks

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