Song Review: VERIVERY – Tap Tap

VERIVERY - Tap TapVERIVERY are emblematic of a common boy group trajectory. They debuted with a fun New Jack Swing-inspired sound. This set them apart from their peers, even if it didn’t lead to extraordinary sales. Then, they got swept up in Road to Kingdom and re-emerged as one of many boy groups peddling darker, angsty sounds. These efforts succeeded when they embraced a more experimental electronic style, but I never really bought VERIVERY as badass blusterers.

Because of this, I was excited when new title track Tap Tap appeared to be a return to lighter fare. Once a boy group goes dark, they rarely come back from the angst. I’m pleased to hear VERIVERY expand their musical palette, but I wish they would have done so with a stronger song. Tap Tap is co-written by production team The Hub – quite possibly my least favorite producers of the year. Their 2022 rap sheet is long, including NMIXX’s title tracks, Weeekly’s Ven Para and TRI.BE’s Kiss. Our musical tastes don’t often align, and their penchant for a jarring tempo change keeps Tap Tap from soaring.

VERIVERY doing punchy pop-rock should be a slam dunk. And, Tap Tap’s chorus nearly gets there. It needs a stickier melody, but I appreciate the upbeat, youthful energy. However, the song’s verses are in direct opposition to this hook. They feel pulled from a different track entirely and act as a weight on that buoyant chorus. Add some awkward rapping and you’ve got a real head-scratcher from a group who has shown they are much stronger than this. On the plus side, I’m loving the Friends pastiche of the music video.

Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

Grade: C+


7 thoughts on “Song Review: VERIVERY – Tap Tap

  1. Is it clever or too clever?
    Wise or wise guy?
    Suss or sussy?

    … that last one, sonny boy says everything is “sussy” now, whose full meaning I am trying to suss out.


  2. as someone who loves verivery, my initial reaction was “what the hell?”.
    i listened to the teaser AND the highlight medley and i already thought it was going to be one hell of a frankenstein song, and yet i was still shocked by the switch-up in the intro AND the chorus. though, the bridge going last chorus was great from first listen.
    i had do relisten a few times to get used to it, and my current opinion is that it’s good, but it could be way better. i liked the verses too much to enjoy the switch-up chorus, and i also find it a bit boring in comparison to the rest of the song. the chorus is supposed to go 🆙, not down.
    plus the talked parts get me off guard every time lol, i just never remember to expect them.

    still, i guess it’s a step in getting the cute verivery back for good. just sucks it’s so “shy” next to earlier cute-verivery…

    also motive’s a mess. a good one, imo, but still a mess. tap tap and motive being the only songs in the single is very… ehhh…
    in case you don’t know, verivery has a tradition of giving a snippet of one b-side from their next release in their albums, and motive was that snippet in “Whole”. so, it makes me feel like jellyfish wasn’t originally planning on having tap tap as the title, saw that now they HAD to put both songs together and just said “oh well, we can’t back up now can we?”.


  3. The chorus sounds actually promising (although I wish the melody had just a bit more oomph), but the verses…they make the track sound like a few other songs were slammed together, and partially ruin its potential. As for the rating, agree.


  4. What in the nmixx? Dammit why do they always take god sounding songs and mash them together? The individual parts of this song sound great but together, I dunno…


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