Song Review: NTX – Old School

NTX - Old SchoolI had to look back to see if I had written about NTX’s debut. I couldn’t remember them at all, but once I replayed last year’s Kiss The World I remembered how much I enjoyed that song. Without a comeback since March of 2021, the group had completely fallen off my radar. That’s a loooong hiatus for a rookie group. However, they’ve returned with a new retro concept that focuses on their rap line.

I’m a sucker for old-school hip-hop. It’s one of my favorite musical eras. Give me a big, resounding breakbeat and I’m set. With this in mind, Old School (올드스쿨) comes out of the gate with plenty of goodwill. These days, it’s rare to find an idol hip-hop track with such a consistent groove. Some may call it boring or repetitive, but I love the fact that Old School maintains its energy and keeps my head nodding the whole way through.

NTX are surprisingly engaging rappers, performing with tons of energy and character. And when Old School segues into its melodic bridge, we’re treated to an equally-exciting vocal performance. Meanwhile, its bright chorus recalls debut-era NCT Dream in its fluffy, pop-oriented sheen. This contrast between verse and chorus works well, and that goes back to the consistency of the production. With a through-line as steady as Old School’s simple beat, you can throw disparate elements over the top and still get a song that works as a whole. I doubt NTX will receive much attention for this, but Old School is one of the month’s more refreshing surprises.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

Grade: B


3 thoughts on “Song Review: NTX – Old School

  1. Sweet baby Jesu joy!
    That shift into major key Bach quote in the chorus was nicely done.

    If Block B were to debut today , they might sound like this.

    Well done!

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  2. I LOVED this one! So much fun and energy, the rap is awesome and the chorus is my favorite!

    I’m listening to this one as much as Nine.i’s “Young Boy”, Drippin’s “The One”, and JustB’s “Me”.

    I hope people give them a chance🤞🏻


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