Song Review: TAN – Fix You

TAN - Fix YouIn what feels like the longest tease ever, TAN first released a short version of Fix You alongside their debut in March of last year. On the one-year anniversary of that debut, the guys have finally followed through and unleashed the full song and music video. The result plays pretty much how you’d expect, complete with new-gen second verse breakdown that acts as a small bump in the road of an otherwise strong track.

Fix You never elevates beyond “Beast cosplay,” but by honoring some of the best idols of K-pop’s fabled “second generation,” the song arrives with tons of good will. We just don’t hear this style of sleek, melodic dance pop much anymore – especially from boy groups. TAN lack the gravitas to make it their own, but the song’s best moments have a transportive effect. Yes, this old K-pop fan (senior citizen, really!) is about to wax poetic about the “good old days.” If Fix You had been released back in 2012 or 2013 I probably wouldn’t have bat an eye. This stuff was everywhere. But arriving in 2023, the song feels like an alien creature, weaving around the blustery posturing of its peers to deliver a more nimble pop sound.

In short, I guess I admire Fix You’s intentions more than I love it as a song. It plays as a musical balm, triggering nostalgic dopamine centers without building upward from there. That’s no small feat, and will surely land it on my playlist for the foreseeable future. But rather than make me excited for TAN’s future, Fix You inspires another deep dive into K-pop’s storied past.

Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

Grade: B+


17 thoughts on “Song Review: TAN – Fix You

  1. oh this is definitely a 9-9.25 for me (i expect that this song would be a riser for you too). agree that this pales in comparison to ACTUAL 2nd gen boy group music and the second verse breakdown was unwarranted

    but overall this is still a VERY good song and easily the best boy group release in months

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      • Totally agree, there is nothing bad about mimicking the golden age of 2nd gen kpop. At least then, kpop had its own Sound, like Motown had its sound and STAX had their sound and Gamble&Huff had their sound and etc.

        (begin OT rant) I think the current gen of kpop should take note: early 1990’s R&B was way better than 2000’s R&B, if you want to get we old gits to like the new kpop sound. Alright, OK, I suppose NewJeans is doing just fine without me or us, but it is really diminishing my love of kpop. (OT rant over)

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        • But now I am interested to know – when do you think this started to change? Because I feel the same way, except I think the early and mid-2010s were amazing for k-pop (..3rd gen?) and it has really started to sound the same in the past five years or so.

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  2. Ha! I was hearing nostalgia heavy on this one too, for me it is the chill cousin of Got7’s “If you do”

    Ah, Beast “Fiction” is such a classic, if not the song also the dance. The little skatey skate feet. What they also did so well in 2nd gen was crafting dance moves that were memorable and stylish and also allowed the singers to actually sing the song live live. The poor kids on the reality shows (boys planet being the most recent) have to recreate dances that are hard to sing while dancing to while trying to sing live which they haven’t fully developed yet with movement or not.

    I mean listen to this, just turn point and belt out the chorus while dancing. The upper body is kept quiet deliberately so that the singers can sing the song. Similar skatey skate on the feet but add accusatory points right at you.

    BEAST Fiction doing the same.

    Oh right, this song. Yeah, small ell love it, thanks to a good extra point for nostalgia, which these boys do well.

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    • You know, I feel bad for the reality show kids. They are expected to sing live and dance these demanding choreos at the same time, while actual idols don’t even do that most of the time (no hate, it’s REALLY difficult to sing live while also executing the equivalent of a HIIT workout on stage).

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  3. I waited for this song to drop to drop for a year, crazy.
    And yes it hits all marks for me to play this song at least 30 times a day.
    But is the best thing (musical and vocal) I’ve heard from boygroups since months

    Also I’m sad because I had tickets for them and the tour in my country got canceled.

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    • Also, just saw the video! It’s dollar store Beast-tacular! Now they just need a ballad where an overzealous production person drenches them.


  4. Oh. I like this a LOT. Only having started to listen to K-pop in earnest in the last few years, I’m a relative newbie, but a newbie who has already come to the conclusion that K-pop’s 2nd generation is my jam (and why the heck wasn’t I listening sooner???). Given that this feels very much in that vein, I will happily take it. Could have done without the rap breakdown in the second verse – unnecessary, but mercifully short. The rest of it I love.

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  5. Ah yes, this is the sound that just precedes my journey into k-pop.
    I was never really into this – I joined kpop for the blue hair, epic outfits, random nonsensical English lines and obliterating chorus drops (..Fantastic Baby was my gateway).

    It’s interesting to hear a song like this which is so different from the current k-pop trends, but it’s not for me otherwise.

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  6. Maybe it’s because I didn’t cut my teeth on 2nd gen and feel zero nostalgia for the sound, but this is just kinda dull to me. I mean, it’s fine, but not something that fires up my imagination and compels me to listen.

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