Song Review: BABYMONSTER – Dream

BABYMONSTER - DreamThis kind of pre-debut song isn’t usually something I’d write about in detail, but Dream is the first musical taste of YG Entertainment’s new girl group BABYMONSTER and that feels like a big deal.

With a name like BABYMONSTER, I expected the girls to come out swinging with some bombastic, attitude-infused track. I’m sure that will happen when they make their official debut, but Dream sounds more like a Christina Aguilera ballad, circa 1998. Definitely not what I imagined!

Dream is also the style of song you’d hear played throughout an audition series as contestants are eliminated or victorious. It’s inspirational in an “I just won American Idol!” way — vague enough for listeners to attach their own struggles but clearly designed as a storytelling element in the narrative YG is crafting for BABYMONSTER.

As a piece of music, Dream is quite vanilla. It opens as a ballad before percussion enters two-thirds of the way through for a rousing finale. This payoff is way too short for the long build that precedes it, and the arrangement has a corporate sheen that belies the heart put into the track. So rather than focus on the song itself (which I don’t see myself listening to), it’s better to pitch Dream as a tease of what might come later. The members give a lovely performance. Their vocals are strong and clear and the second verse rap is engaging. Given the right material, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be as big as 2NE1 or BLACKPINK. When that time comes, Dream will likely be a footnote in their discography.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

Grade: C


13 thoughts on “Song Review: BABYMONSTER – Dream

      • If I had to compare it to something, it would be the Coen Brothers’ Fargo (the original film) with with a bit of Breaking Bad (but only if one found it hilarious, which it was, especially the first several seasons). Personally, I’ve always been drawn to this kind of dark comedy.

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  1. I really love this. It feels like such an appropriate epilogue to the trainee ending era and actually to what it means to mature. The “I’m getting stronger” verse sends chills down my spine.

    And yes, they will likely be as big as 2NE1 and Blackpink. But this song will not be a “footnote in their discography” just as much as when we felt that it’s our moment, if we truly felt it, it’s unforgettable.


  2. I think it is actually really nice. Yes very Disney princess, but high end Disney princess song that makes it to the fireworks show. This version is the “acoustic” version, the show version adding bucu chorus and soaring symphony, and the light show fireworks.

    I am very disturbed by their ages.

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    • Seconding you on the age comment. Proof that nothing is going to change and agencies may debut younger and younger to take advantage of these kids until a law is made against it.

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