The Top Ten Best Songs by EXO

Top Ten Best Songs By ExoEXO are undoubtedly the biggest kpop group of this era. They were also the very first group I listened to back in 2012 when I became interested in the genre. Since then, they’ve suffered through more than their fair share of drama, losing three of their original members. Their sound has also changed a bit, but they can always be counted on to deliver high wattage, big budget pop music.

REVISED 8/3/16

10. Miracles In December (2013)

Exo’s most gorgeous ballad, fueled by the interplay between its gentle verses and soaring chorus. Billed as a holiday song, it’s effective no matter the time of year.

9. Monster (2016)

Taking the icier, more militaristic side of their sound to a new, hip-hop infused high, Monster‘s sledgehammer chorus hits hard. (full review)

8. Overdose (2014)

A dense, claustrophobic brew of inventive production elements, the track is anchored by its singalong hook and skeletal trap beat.

7. Call Me Baby (2015)

Bursting out of the gate with skyscraper-high energy, Call Me Baby reinvents new jack swing for the modern era, infusing a swirling hook and clobbering beat.

6. Lucky One (2016)

Over an addictive disco beat, EXO sound more loose and playful than they’ve ever been before. That addictive flute sample is undoubtedly the song’s MVP. (full review)

5. What Is Love (2012)

The group’s first major display of their vocal prowess. None of their slow jams has come close to bettering the mysterious, downtempo funk found here.

4. Mama (2012)

Likely to split opinion due to its dramatic, atypical pop production, Mama stands as a sterling example of everything high budget kpop can be. It’s exhilaratingly ambitious in its epic sound.

3. Love Me Right (2015)

One of the funkiest tracks the group’s ever produced, Love Me Right is a streamlined thrill-ride through the best that dance pop has to offer. The freewheeling chorus is as bright and alive as they’ve ever sounded.

2. Growl (2013)

Their most iconic song, and one of the best known kpop tracks of the last few years. On its own, the addictive beat would be enough to land solidly on this countdown, but paired with its charismatic vocal and thumping hook, it’s almost unbeatable. The extended stage version is essential listening.

1. History (2012)

I can’t imagine that this would be at the top of everyone’s list, but for me History is EXO at their prime. Part of that is due to the fact that this was the very first kpop song I ever loved, but even with nostalgia removed, it holds up brilliantly to this day. The jagged funk of its beat and those commanding, layered vocals in the chorus sound new and fresh every time the song plays.


26 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by EXO

  1. My personal opinion:

    1) Call Me Baby
    2) Love Me Right
    3) Love, Love, Love
    4) Overdose
    5) History
    6) What is Love

    I don’t really like Growl, Mama, Wolf, or the ballads to include them. I haven’t listened to many of the non-singles.


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  8. I guess this is a pretty late reply but I’ve noticed that you’ve only listed songs with an MV for them. I often see people only listening to their title songs and not many of their non-title. Here is mine:

    1. Overdose
    2. First Snow
    3. Lightsaber
    4. Peter Pan
    5. Artificial Love
    6. December, 2014
    7. Lotto
    8. Cloud 9
    9. Heart attack
    10. Thunder
    11. Tender Love
    12. Heaven
    13. Wolf
    Wasn’t a fan of artificial love, lotto or wolf but they grew on me… weird


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  10. Yes history has always been my favourite but I cant really provide a list . Everytime I put pen to one, another song came to mind to wreck the list. Infrequently sung ones like hurt , promise, black pearl, and now for life and what i want for christmas….. comes to mind yet I couldnt give up on the original list too. SO Ill just say ALL of exos songs are on my list


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  20. when I saw growl at number two and most of their title songs already come out all I thought was it can’t be wolf right? lol, I never imagine history neither, I like history but when it came out it reminds me the typical sm sound have arounf 2009 something shinee or sj could release, I never like that sound in particular but history is a good song.
    I’m glad you included what is love? one of my favorites from their debut, to me make a list is almost imposible I love many of their songs, l really love lucky one, their best release from last year imo, I hope they comeback with a fun song like that or love me right


    • I’m hoping for another fun song, too. Something like Love Me Right.
      Of all my top ten lists, I imagine EXO’s is one of the most polarizing. I have a special attachment to History, as it was one of the songs that first got me interested in k-pop, and even though it’s far from their biggest hit, I just think it’s a perfect pop song.


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