Song Review: Momoland – BAAM

Momoland’s Bboom Bboom only improved the more popular and ubiquitous it became. There’s something irresistible about cultural touchstones — hooks and moves and moments that everyone knows (whether they enjoy them or not). But this mega-hit status presents one very big problem. How do you follow up on a phenomenon? Years ago, Crayon Pop were faced with the same dilemma when attempting to replicate the success of their novelty hit Bar Bar Bar. A lack of new ideas ultimately did them in — but then again, they didn’t have the proven production work of Shinsadong Tiger behind them.

He returns for BAAM, which replicates Bboom Bboom’s structure to a tee — down to the Daisy-led trap rap breakdown immediately following the first chorus. I don’t think this copy-and-paste formula is a smart move in the long run, but it results in another addictive pop song with an even higher tempo than its predecessor.

Not since the days of T-ara have we heard BAAM’s giddy mash-up of girl group techno and disco. Its verses pulse with unflagging spirit, which helps to cover the absence of a distinctive melody. What we get during these segments is perfectly serviceable, but feels recycled. The same could be said about BAAM’s chorus, which is essentially Bboom Bboom sped up and simplified. For most songs, this would be an instant death knell, but Momoland’s material is more about energy than inventive construction. BAAM definitely succeeds in this regard, and is most fun when you ditch the over-analysis and crank up the volume. This is bubblegum pop at its most concentrated.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9



12 thoughts on “Song Review: Momoland – BAAM

  1. seems like theyre getting a lot of criticism for remaking bboom bboom, but people end up being more involved in making the comparison between the two than actually listening to the track (like you point out).
    which is sad, because they miss out on what is a perfect sequel for a hot summer, when you dont care about what came before and you just want to catch some good shuffle-worthy vibes


    • Yep, this is definitely a “turn off your brain and have fun” kind of pop song, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I have a feeling I’ll be playing it a lot this summer.


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  3. I agree, the copy-and-paste formula isn’t a good idea in the long run but I don’t blame them for doing it right after they made it big. As long as Shinsadong Tiger is behind their title tracks from now on, whenever they decide to switch up their sound I’m sure it’ll still be ridiculously catchy. I’d really like to see them explore either techno or disco more on their next title track because it could be interesting! Regardless this is the perfect time to release a mindlessly fun uptempo song.


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