Song Review: Victon – I’m Fine

victon-im-finePlan A (formerly A-Cube) have finally launched their first boy group in the form of Victon. Like may k-pop acts, the guys have been given a cobbled together, seemingly nonsensical group name that sheds little light on what their sound is. Debut track I’m Fine (아무렇지 않은 척) is similar in this way. It’s an effective piece of pop music, but feels generic to the point where I struggle to see exactly where Victon fits alongside their peers.

I’m Fine‘s benign, funk-laced beat goes down easy. Though it left me wanting more upon first listen, there’s no denying that it’s playful, sing-songy hook is the type that roots deeply into your ear until you can’t shake it. I dig the retro influences at play in the production, from the subtle synths to the scratches and clipped vocal ad-libs. The midtempo, throwback break beat recalls Infinite H’s Pretty from last year, especially when it’s supporting the track’s hip-hop verses, which blend bits of melody with a more straightforward rap delivery. The song’s hodgepodge mix of performance styles allows the guys to offer glimpses of personality, while tying everything in a nice, breezy bow.

In the end, I’m Fine succeeds more as a song than as a convincing introduction of the group. While I can’t fault any of its musical choices or the guys’ laid-back delivery, there’s nothing that stands out as particularly unique or noteworthy. When thinking about which rookie groups have hit it big this year — especially those from smaller or mid-tier agencies — it comes down to having a core sound that can be tweaked and built upon with each passing comeback. I’m Fine is… well, pretty darn fine. But it doesn’t tell us a whole lot about what Victon will become.

 Hooks  8
 Production  8
 Longevity 7
 Bias  8
 RATING  7.75

4 thoughts on “Song Review: Victon – I’m Fine

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