Song Review: Victon – Unbelievable

Since their debut last November, I’ve struggled to really connect with Victon’s sound. Debut track I’m Fine was fun but lightweight, and the jerky production of follow-up Eyez Eyez just didn’t captivate. Interestingly, their strongest moment thus far has been the streamlined dance pop of What Time Is It Now, which was only promoted as an extended performance trailer despite appearing in full on their debut mini album. New single Unbelievable (말도 안돼) isn’t quite as strong, but its summery sound sees the guys returning to more successful territory.

Unbelievable is decidedly upbeat, and takes a funkier, looser approach than we’re used to from most tightly choreographed idol pop. In this way, the song almost sounds like something modern-day Winner might release. The lackadaisical chorus has that same kind of throw-away, carefree appeal. It’s a sticky piece of melody, and definitely Unbelievable‘s most successful aspect. In between choruses, the group’s rappers are given plenty of time to shine. Though performed adequately, none of these verses pack the kind of knockout punch that would transform the song into the kind of memorable, chart-topping hit the guys are likely hoping for.

Instead, Unbelievable is a trendy, fun piece of late-summer pop that impresses in bursts but drags in others. The synth-drenched instrumental borrows from some delightfully retro touchstones, but I wish it felt more idiosyncratic. The track just kind of bops along comfortably, supporting the guys’ performances rather than seizing any moments in the spotlight. And that’s Victon in a nutshell — at least so far. They’ve got a pleasant sound, but are in need of that one big single that grabs listeners by the collar and forces their attention.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING  7.75


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