The Top Ten Best Songs by CNBLUE

top-ten-best-songs-by-cnblueFollowing in their label-mates FTIsland‘s footsteps, CNBLUE were the second big idol band from FNC Entertainment. They perform in a somewhat lighter, pop and funk influenced style, and have enjoyed incredibly success in both Korea and Japan. And although their biggest digital hit to date, I’m A Loner, didn’t quite make it on my list, they have plenty of strong singles to choose from. So, which one’s the best?

10. Intuition (2011)

Adding a disco stomp to their soft rock style, Intuition seals the deal with its surging, multi-pronged chorus, coming across as a Korean equivalent of Maroon 5.

9. Lady (2013)

One of the group’s funkier moments, riding along a delicious bed of rhythm guitar and a glittery dance beat.

8. Puzzle (2016)

Going right for the pop jugular, Puzzle’s synth-drenched, 80’s inspired dance pop feels like CNBLUE at their most accessible.

7. Go Your Way (2014)

The band tackles stadium rock with this hands-in-the-air anthem. Go Your Way is straight-ahead rock music at its most rousing.

6. Love Girl (2011)

A shimmering, lighthearted blend of inventive guitar licks and sunny, sing-along melody, Love Girl endures as one of the group’s most potent pop moments.

5. You’re So Fine (2016)

A bouncy, springtime pop track that added warm brass and a mature, loungy feel to the group’s upbeat sound. (full review)

4. Cinderella (2015)

Borrowing the electronic elements from their Japanese output, Cinderella offers a disco-kissed punch of catchy refrains and swirling pop guitar.

3. Radio (2014)

Pushing further into electronic dance music than they ever had before, Radio anchors its experimental sound with a dynamite melody and commanding vocal performance.

2. Can’t Stop (2014)

Beginning as a ballad, Can’t Stop soon bursts into one of the group’s most addictively sing-along choruses, bringing with it a sense of 70’s-tinged euphoria.

1. I’m Sorry (2013)

Punching forward with full-fledged pop/rock intensity, I’m Sorry catapulted CNBLUE’s music to an edgier, more aggressive place, giving us the band’s stickiest hook in the process. It’s a brilliant melding of syncopated, dance funk beats and crunchy guitar riffs, capped it off with an indelible post-chorus refrain.


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