The Top Ten Best Songs by HELLO VENUS

top-ten-best-songs-by-hello-venusWith the release of this week’s Mysterious, girl group Hello Venus finally have enough title tracks for a proper top ten countdown. The group has undergone quite the shift in sound and image throughout the years, starting with a quirky/cute concept before amping up the sensual side of their music. For me, their output has varied wildly in consistency, resulting in a list that includes a few mediocre offerings along with the greats.

10. Glow (2016)

Moving toward a more subdued vibe, Glow painted the girls as a mature vocal group but sacrificed their dance pop heart in the process. (full review)

9. Paradise (2016)

Paradise hearkened back to an older age of doo-wop soul, but could have done with a stronger melody to anchor its beat-driven production. (full review)

8. Soldier Dance (2015)

Though never released as an actual single, Soldier Dance gives the group one of their most club-ready beats and a bizarre chant of a hook.

7. Mysterious (2017)

Driven by its simple, brassy chorus, Mysterious vamps it up in theatrical style, highlighted by its bombastic production. (full review)

6. Sticky Sticky (2014)

Their first title track with producer Brave Sound, Sticky Sticky slows the beat to  a slinky midtempo reminiscent of his work with AOA.

5. What Are You Doing Today? (2012)

Doubling down on the cheerful vibe from their debut single, What Are You Doing Today didn’t pack quite the same punch but remains one of their more addictive singles.

4. Would You Stay For Tea? (2013)

Tea’s straightforward girl group melody gets a valuable assist from some supple, ornate production that represented a more mature direction for their sound.

3. Wiggle Wiggle (2015)

Despite its overly sexualized video, Wiggle Wiggle’s percolating bass and minimalist production gave the girls a welcome hip-hop-influenced makeover.

2. Venus (2012)

A rousing debut, stuffed full with sugary pop hooks and an incessantly bright beat. Venus tempers its staccato refrain with a series of brilliantly placed background vocals that swirl around the chorus to ridiculously catchy effect.

1. I’m Ill (2015)

Though largely ignored upon its release, I’m Ill represented the peak of Hello Venus’s work with Brave Sound. Yes, it sounds like so many of the songs he’s produced for other girl groups, but there’s no denying that sledgehammer dance and potent, one-phrase hook.



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