The Top Ten Best Songs by ZICO

Since his solo debut in late 2014, Block B‘s Zico has enjoyed massive success. Every single he releases — whether promoted or not — seems to jump to the top of the charts. And in the space of just over two years, he’s compiled enough material for a proper countdown. Though his style isn’t always to my taste, I appreciate the versatility of his sound and his willingness to play with his image. Here are his ten singles, ranked up to the very best.

10. Tough Cookie (ft. Don Mills) (2014)

While it’s hard to ignore the appropriation and troublesome lyrical content, Tough Cookie marked a memorable solo debut.

9. Pride & Prejudice (ft. Suran) (2015)

Pride & Prejudice more closely recalls Zico’s bandmate Park Kyung in style, offering a nimble flow over a gentle, jazzy beat.

8. Say Yes Or No (ft. Penomeco & The Quiett) (2015)

The hypest of Zico hype tracks, Say Yes Or No lurches on an off-kilter flow that capitalizes on its ever-changing, in-you-face beat.

7. Well Done (ft. Ja Mezz) (2015)

Following up on 2014’s posturing Tough Cookie, the mid-tempo Well Done dialed back the attitude for a more emotional, affecting track.

6. She’s A Baby (2017)

With its lullaby-like flow and quiet, tempo-shifting instrumental, She’s A Baby isn’t one of Zico’s more instantly memorable tracks — but it is an interesting, artistic experiment. (full review)

5. Eureka (ft. Zion.T) (2015)

Enlisting Zion.T’s iconic vocals for the song’s swaggering hook, Eureka struts forward on a warped brass riff and refreshingly old-fashioned sound.

4. Veni Vidi Vici (ft. DJ Wegun) (2015)

Over a thundering mix of bombast and jittery funk, Zico gives us one of his most convincing displays of over-the-top braggadocio.

3. Bermuda Triangle (ft. Crush & DEAN) (2016)

Teaming up with Crush and DEAN was sure to result in success, but Bermuda Triangle’s blustering vocal hooks and restless, clattering beat add to the song’s off-kilter appeal. (full review)

2. I Am You, You Are Me (2016)

I Am You is Zico at his most melodic, and one of the few examples of coffee-shop k-pop transforming into something that feels compelling throughout. That’s thanks in large part to the song’s serpentine hooks and Zico’s understated, multifaceted performance. (full review)

1. Boys & Girls (ft. Babylon) (2015)

Boys & Girls’s undeniable success can be attributed to many elements coming together in perfect tandem. There’s that sunny, addictive hook, crooned to perfection by r&b vocalist Babylon. There’s the simple electro-bass riff that rumbles alongside the song’s summertime synth-line. And then, of course, there’s Zico’s immense charisma anchoring the every moment of the track’s party-starting atmosphere.



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