Song Review: Victon – Remember Me

Compared to other rookie boy groups, I’ve had a hard time getting into Victon’s music. It’s not that any of it has been markedly bad, but each title track has bopped along nicely without an element that pulls me in. Perhaps it has more to do with producers BEOMxNANG, whose work has rarely done much for me. Victon has stuck with this team for all their singles so far, but this time the guys are performing a track composed by Good Life (of Highlight/Beast fame). This pairing seems poised to deliver some sparks, and with Remember Me (나를 기억해) they almost get there.

Good Life unfortunately decided to position this song within the tropical genre, and they did it about six months too late. As the trendiness of the unkillable fad has finally died down, songs of this nature are feeling more and more reductive. As soon as the instrumental’s ultra-familiar, squiggly synth flourishes take over, Remember Me instantly begins to feel dated.

However, it’s easy to imagine the track’s potential had it been given a complete instrumental makeover. There’s a dynamic pop song within all the trappings, bursting into the forefront during the surging, melodic chorus. This refrain is calling out for more anthemic production — maybe even something akin to UP10TION’s propulsive comeback last month. The guys are clearly up to the task, as evidenced by the breathless, double-header rap verse that dominates the song’s lively middle section. It’s another case of Victon’s music nearly finding its groove but being restrained by a lack of go-for-broke ambition.

 Hooks 9
 Production 6
 Longevity 7
 Bias 8


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