The Top Ten Best Songs by LOONA (Pre-debut)

The fact that I’ve been able to compile a top ten list for LOONA before their actual debut is a testament to just how ambitious their roll-out has been. Over the course of eighteen months, each member of the group has been unveiled via solo and unit tracks. There are over twenty songs to choose from, but here are my top favorites.

10. Let Me In (Haseul solo) (2016)

A stately, cinematic torch song, Let Me In gorgeously incorporates orchestral touches that lift its dramatic melody to a theatrical crescendo.

9. Love Cherry Motion (Choerry solo) (2017)

Love Cherry Motion is pure uptempo bubblegum pop until its ferocious post-chorus breakdowns come in to rough things up. In a way, this dichotomy is the perfect encapsulation of what’s made LOONA such a budding internet sensation. Personally, Motion has proven to be one of the the project’s biggest growers. (full review)

8. Egoist (Olivia Hye + JinSoul) (2018)

Though its impressive production techniques take precedence over melody, Egoist nonetheless offered another successful volley of forward-thinking k-pop. (full review)

7. Love & Live (LOONA 1/3) (2017)

LOONA’s first sub-unit debuted with a fizzy, innocent sound reminiscent of groups like Lovelyz and April. But even though it may not be the most original track in their discography, Love & Live’s candy-coated hooks are hard to resist. (full review)

6. I’ll Be There (HeeJin + HyunJin) (2016)

Taking a cue from early 90’s New Jack Swing, I’ll Be There’s lockstep beat and catchy refrain offer a glimpse of LOONA at their most pop-friendly.

5. Sweet Crazy Love (Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

Awash with strings, the atmospheric Sweet Crazy Love melds its 90’s r&b melody with a dreamlike performance and style to spare. (full review)

4. Everyday I Love You (ViVi + HaSeul) (2017)

Before LOONA’s sound veered a bit darker, Everyday I Love You introduced member ViVi with a buoyant, rollicking pop beat and irresistibly catchy chorus. (full review)

3. Girl Front (Odd Eye Circle) (2017)

Girl Front brought LOONA’s most exciting sub-group to the forefront, pulsing with glitchy electronics and chopped vocal samples tied together by a punchy pop hook. (full review)

2. New (Yves solo) (2017)

New builds on sub-unit Odd Eye Circle’s edgy pop sound by incorporating elements of synthwave and delivers one of LOONA’s most addictive hooks in the process. Yves proves herself up to the challenge, captivating with an ethereal vocal performance. (full review)

1. Eclipse (Kim Lip solo) (2017)

The crown-jewel of LOONA’s pre-debut material, Eclipse arrived just as the group’s sound began to move towards edgier fare. Eclipse expertly blends its mysterious synth-drenched aesthetic with an indelible pop melody, providing the perfect launch for charismatic member Kim Lip. (full review)



8 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by LOONA (Pre-debut)

  1. Great list! I’m really happy to hear that Love Cherry Motion grew on you, I think it’s just such a fun song.

    Will you update this list with the final sub-unit’s output, if you happen to like them enough?


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