Song Review: LOONA – favOrite

After nearly two years of pre-release build-up, LOONA is finally upon us. Well, almost. favOrite is technically another pre-release, but it’s the first taste of what the entire 12-member group will sound like together. So, with all of the hype the girls have garnered since 2016, did they manage to stick the landing?

Yes… and no. favOrite is not perfect, but it points towards better things to come. Rather than go cutesy or tropical, the song feels decidedly old school, like a K-pop re-imagining of Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love. Right from the start, the song engages with a series of brassy synths and a prominent break beat. From here, favOrite launches into its rapid-fire verse and even ballsier chorus. It’s not the most melodic of hooks, but gives the girls opportunity to captivate through sheer charisma. I just wish the second verse maintained the same level of energy. The notes become more drawn out here, and feel a bit meandering when compared to the tight structure that preceded them.

favOrite’s brass-heavy instrumental is all about power, stuffed with percussive elements that give it a real sense of bombast. However, it seems to be missing some oomph in the lower end. The track has an oddly compressed, claustrophobic feel. Everything’s stuffed so closely together that there isn’t much room for the groove to breathe. This is a shame, because the production’s intentions are in the right place. It’s wonderful to hear a girl group tackling this kind of dynamic, beat-heavy style. It bodes well for LOONA’s future debut, but favOrite isn’t quite there yet.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


13 thoughts on “Song Review: LOONA – favOrite

  1. I’m in agreement–the second verse (and, incidentally, the bridge) were absolutely lethargic, which is a shame because the chant-growl chorus got me hooked on the first listen.Judging from the low-budget MV though, it just might be that BBC is putting all their eggs in the debut basket. The girls were monstrous, though–given the right track they might be the most exciting rookie girl group we’ve seen in a long time. I’m cautiously optimistic.


    • It’s kind of a weird roll-out plan, to be honest. After a nearly two year tease, you’d think you’d want the first full-group release to be the official, high budget debut. I’m optimistic, too, but I think they lost the opportunity to really throw down the gauntlet as far as first impressions go.


    • I think because it’s just a pre-release instead of the actual mini/album’s lead single they decided to go for more of a dance-oriented approach on the music video. Still, it’s directed by DigiPedi, and even though it’s just shots of the girls dancing with some close-ups I still found the video fun to watch and not tiresome at all.

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      • I’m kind of surprised to hear that Digipedi is behind this. The lighting seems so dingy for them. But, I guess that was kind of the point given the set.


  2. i’m just telling myself that this is their way of satisfying fans of their girl crush side with a prerelease to make room for a colorful and summery debut (a la odd eye circle and 1/3).

    i really really hope they debut with something fun!


  3. “K-pop re-imagining of Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love” is probably the scariest phrase I’ve ever heard. I avoid Crazy In Love like the plague; easily one of the worst songs in the western pop canon. Luckily it’s not nearly that bad but I was still expecting a bit more from a group that has already given us so many good songs.


  4. What a strange sounding song, it sounds like it’s simultaneously out of phase and blasted through a 5 watt mono bluetooth speaker. Song had potential, but it’s so difficult to listen to. Still hopeful for something better sounding from LOONA.


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