The Top Ten Best Songs by LOVELYZ

top-ten-best-songs-by-lovelyzDebuting in 2014 as Woollim Entertainment’s first girl group, Lovelyz quickly rose to fame on their quirky synth-pop sound. Though they’re most known for a light, cutesy image, their music has experimented with different tones as the group has matured. With only eight full-group promotional releases, I had to cheat a bit and add two solo tracks to the list. Thankfully, their quality is right up there with the consistently solid discography the girls have given us.

10. Gone (Jin solo) (2013)

An affecting pre-release ballad for member Jin, Gone’s lilting melody is one of the most emotional moments in Lovelyz’ discography.

9. Destiny (2016)

Propelled by a sweeping strings refrain, Destiny brought a new maturity to the group’s work while retaining their synth-drenched sound. (full review)

8. Goodnight Like Yesterday (2014)

The first time listeners had a glimpse of Lovelyz as a whole was through the delicate balladry of Goodnight Like Yesterday. It’s a subtle, lullaby-esque introduction to the k-pop world.

7. WoW! (2017)

Building on Destiny’s sound with an added touch of bass-driven funk, WoW distills the group’s various concepts into a grab-bag pop hit. (full review)

6. Shooting Star (2015)

Shooting Star’s restrained, mid-tempo r&b bounce is beautifully complimented by a warm synth riff that drives the soft, melodic chorus.

5. Hi~ (2015)

Lovelyz have always had a fairytale sound, but Hi’s strings-assisted trot is the group at their lightest and fluffiest.

4. Delight (Jiae solo) (2013)

Though not a full-group track, Jiae’s Delight is the only time producers Sweetune have been brought in for a promotional release. It boasts one of the strongest, 80’s-inspired melodies the girls have given us.

3. Candy Jelly Love (2014)

Most would consider Candy Jelly Love the group’s full-fledged debut song, and its sugary head-rush of pop magic certainly defined Lovelyz from the get-go. You can’t beat that gorgeous synth arpeggio that drives the track’s instrumental.

2. Ah-Choo (2015)

Lovelyz’ biggest hit to date, and an undeniably fun blast of addictive girl group synth pop. Ah-Choo feels like the perfect distillation of what Lovelyz can bring to the k-pop world, filled to the brim with sing-along hooks and incessantly anthemic synth riffs.

1. For You (2015)

Taking a brief detour from their more frequent collaborators, Lovelyz released their warmest, biggest pop melody just as winter was about to start. For You is classic k-pop at its best, built on a densely packed instrumental that surges forward as the track’s hopeful, ebullient chorus reaches sky high. (full review)



10 thoughts on “The Top Ten Best Songs by LOVELYZ

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  7. I wish Lovelyz had all their songs on iTunes. ‘Destiny’, ‘Hi~’, ‘Candy Jelly Love’ and ‘Ah-Choo’ are all great, but I might have to save them from YouTube instead of downloading them TT.


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