Song Review: Jennie (BLACKPINK) – Solo

I first remember hearing BLACKPINK’s Jennie all the way back in 2013, where she guested on a trio of tracks by YG solo acts. It was clear even then that she was being prepped for whatever the agency’s next girl group would be, but her vocals seemed poised for solo work as well. Five years later, a solo debut seems long overdue. But, looking at how infrequently BLACKPINK has promoted, it also feels premature. After all, the group has only cobbled together a slim nine-song discography since 2016.

Produced by the tried-and-true Teddy, Solo promises an extension of the BLACKPINK sound tailored to Jennie’s unique style. She’s certainly an engaging performer, equally at home as a vocalist and rapper. However, the song lets her down. There’s simply not much here. At under three minutes, it almost feels like an extended intro track. Its verses employ a minimalist finger snap beat that leaves plenty of empty space for Jennie’s commanding vocals. The chant-heavy pre-chorus is better, though it’s nothing we haven’t heard from Teddy tracks a dozen times over.

Unfortunately, Solo collapses when it reaches its chorus. I expected a beat drop hook — especially with Teddy involved — but not something this flimsy. The synth riff feels even more brittle than the one that anchored Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, lacking both charm and energy. The “solo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo” vocal hook grates immediately, and feels like lazy, lowest-common-denominator songwriting. For an occasion as momentous as this solo debut, Jennie deserved much stronger material. This feels like an afterthought. It should be an opening salvo.

 Hooks 5
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6
 RATING 6.25



13 thoughts on “Song Review: Jennie (BLACKPINK) – Solo

  1. I kind of expecting this to happen; don’t know about you Nick, but YG pushing for solos for each member is just way too soon. The group as a whole is getting put on the back burner simply because Jennie is the face of the group and YG wants to make her more internationally appealing.

    Overall. felt more like a toned-down Gashina to me personally.

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    • Well, because, if YG doesn’t push smt out, some of blink probably say they are unfair to Black Pink. Honestly, I like Ddu Ddu Ddu ok, Black Pink is also good enough, they have their all charms. But I also find nothing in this song. Jennie still has a long way to go. I’m kind annoyed of her fan, who can’t gush over her without dragging other artists down.


  2. I am really baffled at the success the song is getting because personally it does absolutely nothing to me…its just so…basic? Its like a cheap version of Gashina. I can count hundreds of pop songs that sound the same.

    This is coming from someone who loved DDDD and Square up.

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  4. The song AND the performer are pretty weak. For comparison, Jennie is the same age that CL was when ‘I Am The Best’ came out. For all CL’s faults (weak rap lyricist, a bit try hard) she wore the mantle of charisma and sold it. Jennie is stunning but doesn’t have presence. Her shy personality is obvious, and YG’s insistence on “innocence” for his female artists (a K-Pop problem, really) means that all we’ll ever get is girls playacting as women.


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  6. I feel like the song is catchy and has an empowering message and vibe, but I also sense that more could have been done with it perhaps. I wonder if YG is giving each member a solo to delay when BlackPink releases their next track for the sake of building up hype so they can break a record or something. So curious what the other members’ solos will sound/look like and when we’ll get them.

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