Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of November 2014

Monthly Round-UpSince the start of The Bias List in January 2016, I’ve always looked back at my three favorite title tracks by K-pop artists each month. Now, it’s time to look even further into the past, one month at a time. And, yes, the top three rankings count toward The Bias List’s personal artist scorecard!

Which month do you want to see next?

November 2014 Overall Thoughts

November 2014 was a suitably stuffed month, and one led by strong girl group releases. Woollim’s Lovelyz debuted, and groups like Apink and AOA closed out the year with big hits. YG Entertainment unveiled a roulette of sorts with their artists, promising exciting inter-agency collaborations. They borrowed the “Who is Next?” tagline from their 2013 WIN survival series to promote this — a phrase they’d cling onto over the next year or so in their endless pursuit to tease releases that may or may not actually materialize.

Speaking of YG, it’s worth pointing out that GD & Taeyang’s Good Boy was one of the first prominent, mainstream K-pop hits to meld trap and EDM. Though it made it onto my honorable mentions list, I can’t help but be bitter about this song’s late-2014 ubiquity. It ushered in an endless fascination with these genres that still has the industry by the collar today.

As expected of November, there were a few great ballads released this month. I even have a trot song in my honorable mentions, which doesn’t happen very often. But like I said, more than anything November was all about the girl groups. My top two songs are both classic girl group fare, with an underappreciated, funky boy group track taking the third place. This would all have to tide us over for some time, as 2014 was about to lurch into one of the slowest Decembers I can remember.

Honorable Mentions

Ali – Pung Pung (video)

Apink – Luv (video)

Cross Gene – I’m Not A Boy, Not Yet A Man (video)

GD & Taeyang – Good Boy (review)

GOT7 – Stop Stop It (review)

Halo – Come On Now (review)

Hi Suhyun – I’m Different (ft. Bobby) (video)

Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up (video)

Kyuhyun – At Gwanghwamun (video)

Laboum – What About You (review)

Lovelyz – Goodnight Like Yesterday (video)

Mamamoo – Piano Man (video)

T-ara – Little Apple (with Chopstick Brothers) (video)

Wa$$up – Shut Up U (video)


3. Boys Republic – The Real One

2. AOA – Like A Cat (review)

1. Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love

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2 thoughts on “Looking Back: The Top Three K-Pop Songs of November 2014

  1. .

    There was a lot of good quality vocal songs in November 2014.
    My list
    1 Kyuhyun “At Gwanghwamun”
    2 Kyuhyun “Flying, Deep in the Night” – this is a cover of an old 80’s Lee Moon Se song which Mamamoo and Spica and lots of others have also covered. Kyu’s version has a lovely bossanova beat arrangement.
    3 Park Hyo Shin “Happy Together”
    4 Roy Kim “Pinocchio”, once again demonstrating how textbook baritone is done.
    5 Lee Jun Ki “For a While”. Yes, the actor, who can also sing fairly well.
    6 Mamamoo “Piano Man”

    Hong Jin Young – I have none of her songs, but admire her spark. She was on the Unnies show, and was always a bit of sunshine compared to others who were always stressing out. She also had a song out earlier this year which I like very much, and just haven’t bought yet (I don’t know why not) -“Love Tonight”, cute video where she is a secret cat.


    • (Apologies, my bad habit of replying to myself. I think up =genius= things after I post.)
      Hong Jin Young is also in the category of artists that if a nearby concert with reasonably priced tickets presents itself, I may just go. Drag the kids or husband or something. It would be a good time, and a hoot. Said opportunity would never present itself, because I live in a part of the US no Korean artists ever visit – the nearest venue is a good 5-6 hour drive away.


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