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K-Pop A-Z Review: EXO – Playboy

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Playboy (from Exodus / Love Me Right – 2015)

Gifted to EXO by SHINee’s Jonghyun, Playboy carries all of his melodic and production quirks. As such, it seems better suited to a solo Jonghyun performance than EXO, but it does allow them to flex a different side of their persona. The entire track vibes on a jazzy mid-tempo groove, augmented with wisps of harmony and the occasional electric guitar break. By circling around the same musical theme for its entire run-time, Playboy feels a bit more repetitive than I’d like. Still, it succeeds in establishing its own unique aura, which has made it a favorite of many fans.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25



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