Song Review: Moon Jongup (B.A.P) – Headache (ft. Yunhway)

Now that every member of B.A.P has escaped TS Entertainment, solo careers abound. We’ve already heard from most of the guys, with Youngjae’s Forever Love being a particular highlight last year. But member Moon Jongup had yet to release solo material until yesterday’s Headache. He’s set his sights at a relatively laid-back level, delivering a fun – but slight – dance track.

Headache grooves on a keys-assisted hip-hop beat, highlighted by brushes of synth that give the chorus extra heft. The overall sound is straightforward and rhythmic, taking advantage of Jongup’s skills as a dancer. But while the hook slowly works its way into your memory, I crave a stronger refrain. Like most of the song, the melody here feels kind of throwaway – a fun little diversion, but not something that sticks for the long-term.

Jongup imbues the track with as much personality as he can, but Headache still feels a little faceless. I’m not sure that it has anything to do with his efforts as a performer. The song just isn’t designed to grab attention in any memorable way. It’s simply an easy groove, pleasant and polished. For better or worse, Headache’s most unique element is a guest feature from underground rapper Yunhway. Unfortunately, I find the effects on her vocals to be particularly grating, and they take me out of the track in a bad way. Even so, I can imagine throwing Headache onto an easygoing summertime playlist. It’ll likely get lost in the shuffle, but I’ll still be nodding my head when it pops up.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

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7 thoughts on “Song Review: Moon Jongup (B.A.P) – Headache (ft. Yunhway)

  1. This sounds like the kind of song that Winner would release nowadays. It’s OK. Unoffensive. Basic kpop with the obligatory guest rap verse.


  2. The piano was nice though that feature was tough to listen to. Nothing that special and I don’t really have any strong feelings for this song at all. It exists.

    Also Nick, what did you think of stray kids’ new japanese single? I thought it was a strong return to form and I hope they continue building on their 2019 output.


  3. I liked the song. It is polished as you said, hype and not messy. I like the retro vibe of it with the synth and the 90’s beat. It is a good summer song.


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