Song Review: Lunarsolar – Oh Ya Ya Ya

I feel like 2020 has seen a big influx of under-the-radar girl group debuts. While debuts from major agencies have been relatively scarce, these smaller companies are just cranking out the music. With limited promotional support, it’ll be a struggle for any of these acts to become anything more than a footnote in K-pop history, but I wish them the best.

For me, a successful debut instantly conveys a group’s sound and style. Within such a huge, cutthroat industry, a unique concept gives an act a home base to work from. With this in mind, I took a look at Lunarsolar’s profile. One piece of information caught my eye immediately: apparently, their agency had originally planned on debuting some of the girls in a group with a “revolutionary concept.” Now, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I think I want it. It certainly sounds more interesting than the generic K-pop of Oh Ya Ya Ya (노는 게 제일 좋아).

This is the kind of song that could have been recorded by any of Lunarsolar’s peers and sounded roughly the same. As expected, the girls themselves have loads of potential. But, nothing about Oh Ya Ya Ya delivers a unique or enticing perspective. Instead, we’re treated to the same percussive approaches – some trap here, some tropical there – and those oft-heard chanted vocal hooks. If this is your first time hearing a song in this style, I could imagine it sounded quite enjoyable. But, if you’ve been listening to K-pop throughout 2020, you’ve heard the likes of Oh Ya Ya Ya at least a dozen times already. Its lumbering, off-balance beat is kind of fun, especially as the producers let it bound in a more organic fashion. But, the track lacks a compelling hook to match the strength of the group’s performance.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7


8 thoughts on “Song Review: Lunarsolar – Oh Ya Ya Ya

  1. i thought it would be great but it came very generic. Boy groups often shout and girl groups often say they are bad. these girl’s vocals were fine but for me this song deserves under 7 rating. kpop should stop this overflow of debuts becoz this is taking their music quality to hell . I MISS SISTAR, 4MINUTE,2NE1,MISSA,SNSD, AOA (WITHOUT JIMIN) AND KARA COZ THEY HAD AMAZING MUSIC QUALITY AMONG GIRL GROUPS. i prefer flamingo over it.

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  2. This sounds like so many others! Add another one to my list of “can not distinguish”. I am surprised you reviewed this Nick, just like you sort of kind of quietly ignored that Flamingo debut song from last week.

    I don’t like the name.
    Luna = f(x)
    Solar = Mamamoo
    to me

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    • Yeah, I feel like the name implied a more Lunar/Galaxy concept which is what I thought they would have. I feel like the debut was okay the members are very talented and capable of doing much more than what they were given, I hope their next cb is better.


  3. Overall a pretty good debut, the girls are all-rounders even though being vocal focused their dance is actually better than some 3rd gen groups already

    The song was overall pretty forgettable I wished they had had more of a space concept similar to LOONA or WJSN and that wasn’t doing it for me. The MV was nice though, I need one more cb to see if I stan and I wish these girls the best on their future endeavors.

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