Song Review: Chungha – Dream Of You (with R3HAB)

The year of random, sporadic Chungha releases continues, with an album finally in sight early next year. In 2020, she’s focused on showcasing her versatility as an artist, and this approach has been quite successful. Chungha is really growing into her own, unafraid to skirt between multiple genres. The most recent example of this is Dream Of You, an English-language collaboration with Dutch DJ R3HAB.

Longtime readers will know that I usually don’t love English-language K-pop tracks (too often they feel like pandering), but Chungha is uniquely qualified for this approach. Having lived in America for a few years, she’s pretty much a fluent speaker, which makes Dream Of You’s lyrical content feel more authentic. Musically, the song is “Chungha does Dua Lipa.” You can practically hear the producers playing Don’t Start Now and Break My Heart in the background when composing this. Luckily, this is another concept she’s uniquely qualified for.

Chungha’s charisma drives Dream Of You with convincing energy. The verses are particularly satisfying, delivering a melody that traces the groove with utter confidence. The bass-heavy chorus employs the same trick, but could do with some sort of counter-melody to keep things fresh and unpredictable. Even so, this is a highly-polished dance track that really showcases the best in Chungha’s voice. She offers a nimble performance, subdued but never lacking in power. Dream Of You feels like a semi-sequel to this spring’s Stay Tonight, and makes me hopeful that the upcoming album will embrace a similar dancefloor aesthetic.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

10 thoughts on “Song Review: Chungha – Dream Of You (with R3HAB)

  1. Chungha literally never disappoints. She pulls off concepts like this so well. The album is going to be incredible if Dream of You and Stay Tonight are indications of what it’s going to sound like.


  2. Well, as someone who still thinks of the Physical’s bridge as the best pop moment of the year, I certainly won’t complain about Chungha taking notes from Dua’s playbook.


  3. This may be my new favorite Chungha song! I love the effects at the start of the chorus that double the melody. The vocals are great, the choreo is amazing, & the hook is super catchy! For me this is one of the best releases of 2020, & I’d give it a 9.


  4. The lyrics being penned by a native or at least very very fluent English speaker was something I did not know I needed to badly. It really helps frame Chungha as an international performer rather than just a kpop idol trying to jump on trends.


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