Song Review: DAY6 – You Make Me

DAY6 - You Make MeYou Make Me isn’t only DAY6’s first comeback in almost a year. It’s JYP Entertainment’s first release since November 2020. That’s a surprisingly long hiatus for one of K-pop’s biggest agencies. And, the album feels weightier than normal. With leader/main vocal Sungjin enlisted in the military, any upcoming DAY6 releases will likely sound quite different. You Make Me is the closing of a chapter, and the song leaves us on a wistful note.

This feels like an odd choice to promote as title track. The song is not particularly catchy in the way we expect of singles. I appreciate its variety of textures, from the glitchy keyboards in the pre-chorus to the hip-hop touches in the verses. But, I think You Make Me is easier to admire than fully embrace. I love the choral moments that pop up here and there, and the bridge harnesses an unexpected melodic flourish to great effect. Technically, it’s all very impressive.

However, the track is missing a strong chorus. You Make Me’s centerpiece is a series of power notes, each impressive and emotive on their own. Taken together, they don’t create much of a melody – at least not compared to DAY6’s best work. The percussive post-chorus chant is more memorable, and given some of its instrumental choices, I wonder if the song should have leaned heavier toward this rhythmic approach. All in all, it’s an indulgent track, recalling many of the group’s strongest elements but struggling to forge them into a work that’s mightier than the sum of its parts.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

9 thoughts on “Song Review: DAY6 – You Make Me

  1. This song is great if you appreciate clear solid belted notes. The whole song revolves around getting up to and around those notes. Its almost a sing-off. The rest of the song sounds like filler to me.

    Also, it doesn’t sound very Day6 like – there is nothing interesting going on in the instrumental except for that brief two line break. The drums don’t crash or skitter, the bass doesn’t thump, the guitar doesn’t have a cool solo.

    Rating is about right.


    • It’s me, I really really love those clear belted notes. Without a strong and consistent melody to tie it all together it does not really convince me though.

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  2. There is something a bit suspicious about this album. I’m only halfway through but everything sounds so chaotic? At least with the first four songs I left them feeling confused and thrown off. It may be because they’re playing more with the synth and I think they’re throwing in too much of it at once. Or maybe they’re reaching a point in their career where they’re conflicted about their sound/direction as a group. YoungK and Jae have both been doing their own things and Sungjin has been mostly mia so maybe this was just a product of a year off from being Day6? But even if they are rusty day6 still produces good songs.


    • This album felt really out of character to me. The first half of the album is generic by American radio dance/pop standards, and the second half is generic by day6 ballad standards. It feels like a compilation of drafts for could-be songs all the way from The Day era. It definitely showcases beautiful vocals and presents them in a wide range, but something about it all is so disjointed that I felt very confused and alienated having finished the album listen.


  3. Sometimes whenever I read these reviews I realize how different my opinion is, but sometimes it’s extremely accurate. It’s the latter for this, although I’d probably lower the rating a tad based on personal rating. I think it is definitely a song that I think I can understand why it’s good without actually liking it. There are definitely parts of the song I think I would enjoy in isolation. The best part of the song personally is probably the pre-chorus rock synth that reminds me of Anamanaguchi for a brief bout before it goes back to something a little less my style. It’s a perfectly fine chorus with amazing vocals, but I’m detached enough to the actual feeling that I’m not into it. I also prefer the post-chorus chant as well honestly. Part of it was just waiting for that burst of synth, but then I probably should just actually listen to Anamanaguchi. Haven’t done so in a while.


  4. I agree with you saying that it’s lacking a strong Chorus, so there healer to redeem it i sitll don’t know why they didn’t choose it as the leading track as it’s the most different day6 ever since zombie


  5. I agree with you saying that it’s lacking a strong Chorus, so there healer to redeem it i sitll don’t know why they didn’t choose it as the leading track as it’s the most different day6 song ever since zombie


  6. I was so sure that hooks would be eight or nine, I personally found the chorus to be the most exciting prospect of the song. The verses were good and I liked the music video a bit.
    Rating would be an 8-8.5. This is one where I don’t know where to rate honestly.

    I am so excited for this come back by the way, And if they put electric guitar in the end then I am sold!

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