Song Review: Yugyeom (GOT7) – I Want U Around (ft. DeVita)

Yugyeom (GOT7) - I Want U Around (ft. DeVita)
The members of GOT7 are revealing their solo projects at a rapid rate. Jackson’s already developed a longstanding solo career. And, his excellent LMLY was followed by Jay B’s debut single. Now we’ve got Yugyeom and next week we’ll hear from BamBam. Apart from LMLY, all members seem to be targeting a similar blend of trap and r&b, making it easy to compares songs.

I enjoyed Jay B’s Switch It Up, which grooved along an addictive hook and evocative production. Yugyeom’s I Want U Around fits within the same mold, but isn’t as catchy or compelling. As GOT7’s main dancer, it’s almost expected that any solo Yugyeom music would lean toward rhythmic arrangements. Around’s rubbery bass has the potential to groove, but is used too sparingly. The trap hi-hats are much more prominent, giving the track an ultra-trendy feel.

I’m surprised at how languid this song is. The hooks don’t really land, and the whole production drags. The instrumental gives plenty of space for the vocals to shine, and I appreciate the interplay between Yugyeom and guest vocalist DeVita. But, their lines are constrained by a repetitive flow that fails to bring anything new to this genre. The low-pitched vocal refrain running through the track shows potential and adds great texture, yet I Want U Around doesn’t do anything interesting with it. It’s a perfectly serviceable song, but never quite evolves into the dynamic r&b it could have been. I’m sure Yugyeom has more to show us in the future.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

5 thoughts on “Song Review: Yugyeom (GOT7) – I Want U Around (ft. DeVita)

  1. ,,, in unrelated trap beat cicada news, there are now big enough swarms in certain parts of the US to ground planes from taking off, most famously this week the press plane that follows the president everywhere. There were so many cicadas in the engine, it wasn’t safe to fly.

    Its like this song. It never quite takes off, just stays grounded waiting for something to happen.

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      • For those of us here who have been – or should go – to Princeton Record Exchange, the whole downtown of Princeton NJ has been invaded. Its because of all the old trees and the ground underneath that haven’t been disturbed in decades.

        Yep, sounds like Star Trek Phaser set to permanent stun. How long before the special effects people plumb this cicada sound into keyboards?

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        • Pretty crazy. These bugs sit underground for years and then all emerge ? Also, now I know how to pronounce cicada. I will still call them ‘keekahdah’ in my head.


  2. I loved Devita’s ep and am looking forward to her next solo work but even she doesn’t bring much to this song. It feels like we are all waiting for it to take off but it never really does.


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