Song Review: Pink Fantasy – Tales Of The Unusual

Pink Fantasy - Tales Of The UnusualI don’t know what’s in the water this year, but K-pop has really embraced Halloween. Idol acts often record livestreams or special videos for the holiday, but I can’t remember another year with so much Halloween-themed content. In Pink Fantasy’s case, they’ve themed a whole comeback around it. Tales Of The Unusual (기기괴괴) arrives alongside a super creepy zombie video, but stands on its own as a solid dance track.

This is a pleasant surprise. Pink Fantasy have always had a spooky undertone, but it’s fun to see them go full bore. Tales Of The Unusual is more spook than song, but I absolutely love its slapping beat. These days, pop percussion often opts for skeletal hi-hats. It’s satisfying to hear production that just hits you with full force. Augmented with funky synth, the instrumental is straightforward but immediately addictive. And just to prevent things from becoming too serious, the track injects some cheese male vocals to urge the chorus along.

Melodically, Tales Of The Unusual mines familiar territory. At times, it feels like a taunt or incantation. Familiar idioms make up portions of the verses and there’s a lot of creepy sing-song nonsense (à la any horror movie trailer ever). But in between, we’ve got blasts of sinister rap and lurching hooks that complement the herky-jerky rhythm. The song is probably too much of a novelty to have long-lasting appeal, but this takes me back to the days where silly (awesome) pop songs from groups like T-ara brought zombies into the fold just for fun.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9

7 thoughts on “Song Review: Pink Fantasy – Tales Of The Unusual

  1. I almost missed this! And it’s not on Apple Music, so I can’t playlist it! Hopefully soon? And promotions? I love the Halloween aesthetic so I’ve been having a great time wallowing in all the content this weekend. The costumed dance practices are fun, but a bunch of groups are putting out full on performance videos – the winner for me so far is Purple Kiss, with a great remix of “Zombie” and new choreo. Bonkers!


  2. I was obsessed with lovey dovey, it was the song that really made me like t are. However, unlike a lot of their other tracks it didn’t age too well. That or I just wore my ear out for it back then


  3. I thought their debut was good but then the singles they released after were really Forgettable. This and poison have been really fun surprises. Great songs with amazing choreography. Hopefully, they continue down this route. I don’t think my doll is a very big entertainment company so I’m even more impressed with how dedicated they were to the concept


  4. Its a rather nice song that is so completely under the radar, even we all here missed it. I mean, I look at release lists, I have feeds, Nick has lists and feeds, everyone has their lists and feeds, and yet, still.
    Well, I wish them the best of luck, because that isn’t good. The song? Yeah ,the song is pretty good.


  5. K-pop has had a lot of songs with horror concepts but I’ve never seen any embrace it as much as this song. Usually the horror element in those songs are some creepy whispering, manic laughter or something a bit more subtle. But i feel like Tales Of The Unusual went full-on Japanese horror movie mode, and i LOVE it. It doesn’t even need any extra lore or creepy visuals, just the song itself is enough to bring the Halloween vibes.


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