Song Review: Billlie – Snowy Night

Billlie - Snowy NightWhen it comes to my listening habits, the holidays are the only time I really make room for jazzy, coffeeshop-esque music. Coziness is a valuable asset throughout December, and some of my favorite winter songs adopt this style. Billlie’s Snowy Night won’t be climbing to the very top of that list, but it’ll definitely be joining the party.

After a hesitant reception, I grew to love Billlie’s November debut. The group seems to have a firm identity, melding the artistic flourishes of their agency with more standard idol group tropes. They clearly have a bright future, and Mystic was smart to immediately follow Ring x Ring with new material. Snowy Night isn’t going to reinvent K-pop’s winter sound, and it doesn’t have to. This is very much a “vibe” song, painting a comfortable atmosphere for festive gatherings and activities. Thankfully, it also offers space for a focus on the girls’ evocative vocals.

The track is underpinned by catchy rhythm guitar that gives it just enough bounce to stand apart from similar mid-tempos. It’s groovier than expected, even if that groove is subdued. I also appreciate the straightforward vocal. I miss this style of singing from girl groups. It has a mature, refined energy that matches this material well. We’ve heard most of Snowy Night’s melodies before – or at least ones that are very similar. But, familiarity is part of tradition, and the entire package works better than its individual pieces.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

5 thoughts on “Song Review: Billlie – Snowy Night

  1. Finally, my girl Suyeon gets to officially debut. I like this song a good bit as well. I saw somewhere that Mystic hired GWSN’s old creative director (might be wrong on the position) but they are definitely using them to good effect thus far.

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  2. I like the grooves and the vocals, but it’s a little too Christmasy for any of my playlists. I’m glad to hear their debut grew on you – it and they are going to be on a lot of my top ten lists this year.


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