Song Review: BZ-Boys – Find You

BZ-Boys - Find YouBZ-Boys (otherwise known as Blue Zone Boys) have been kicking around since 2019. They debuted under Chrome Entertainment — an agency most famous for quirky girl group Crayon Pop. Unfortunately, lengthy hiatuses have blunted most of their momentum and their material has tended to lean on the generic side.

New single Find You (널 찾으러 갈게) once again pairs them with producer Stardust, though not much about the song feels specific to any one vision. Like many boy group tracks, the song is successful in pieces. But, its sporadic nature makes it difficult to enjoy. The song kicks off with a gentle, satisfying pulse. There are clearly some nice vocalists in BZ-Boys, and Find You‘s strongest moments take advantage of this. The chorus could do with more development, but has a surging energy that’s quite satisfying.

Sadly, much of this falls apart during Find You‘s fitful verses. Too often, the track opts for generic boy group moodiness over engaging structure. The first verse is fairly straightforward and the rap-heavy pre-chorus does a decent job setting up the hook. However, verse two feels lifted from another song entirely. The energy blunts in a distracting way and takes too long to recover. This approach is better-used during the bridge, where a lull in intensity can help to usher in a climactic finale. I would have loved to hear more symphonic elements as a way to tie the song’s various segments together. Find You hints at this grandeur, but never really commits.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

11 thoughts on “Song Review: BZ-Boys – Find You

  1. I had to go back and look up the BZ Boys, and this is what I said in August 2021 about the BZ Boys song that day:

    “I had to go back and look up BZ Boys as well. I think it is an above-average boy group song. It ticks all the boxes yes, but it also avoids all the pitfalls that some of us here loathe. A nice groove, sustained throughout. Sure, it doesn’t elevate the genre like some of our faves here, but for what it does, it does it well. Sure, a bigger group would have added more vocal layering, and some high harmonies. It has that oriental scale thing going on too on some traditional Korean instrument which is refreshing to hear.”

    Today, minus the oriental scale, I say ditto.

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  2. What’s up with songs that winds back its energy a bit too much in the second verse, especially when the song settles on such an upbeat beat too!

    But otherwise, it’s a really pleasant song, even if it doesn’t do anything particularly special. And it’s nice to hear the members’ strong vocals shine here just like their previous comeback ‘Close your eyes’ ^^

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  3. These guys have a really gentle vibe to their songs. And I think I kinda like it. Just like Close your eyes… their songs just flow along. There’s something poetic to their feel lol.

    They have really good vocalists though and I enjoyed those parts a lot!

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    • Same thoughts! I’m wondering why it doesn’t feel disjointed despite it having the same elements of songs that I already find bothering and it is just because the chill pleasant vibe is maintained all throughout instead of shifting into something really different


    • Thank you so much! I am just an avid fan of good R&B, and BZ-Boys just managed to capture perfectly what I need. I have yet to hear this new song, but if what myma said is true then I guess I’ll have another one for repeat again!

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  4. I also liked their previous song Close Your Eyes and glad to hear I’m not alone because based on the comments everyone seemed to enjoy it too. I think I’m also gonna be listening to this although this is not as strong as Close Your Eyes because it is pleasant and I’m surprised the trap parts don’t bother me unlike other songs.

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