Song Review: Kim Yohan (WEi) – Dessert

Kim Yohan - DessertDespite boasting several big-name Produce 101 players among its roster, boy group WEi is still searching for their breakout moment. Solo releases might just be the fuel they need, taking advantage of individual members’ popularity. Solos don’t usually spawn from newly-debuted groups, but WEi is a special case. Kim Yohan has proven an in-demand actor and already has some solo material under his belt. New single Dessert hails from his first mini album, and it’s a welcome shot of upbeat dance pop.

These days, K-pop solo tracks have become unexpected standouts. Their structure is freed from the need to encompass a variety of voices and skillsets, allowing for a streamlined consistency that makes for satisfying music. Dessert isn’t quite as exciting as Park Jihoon’s 2021 hit Gallery, but it hinges on a similar energy. The song’s disco-pop beat is firmly entrenched in today’s trends, yet finds a catchy hook to help it stand out. The pulsing beat, rhythm guitar and bright synth combine to craft a solid groove that breathes in all the right places. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it doesn’t need to be.

Yohan gets a chance to show off his skills as both a vocalist and rapper without ever causing the track to lurch in momentum-killing directions. He’s an engaging performer, though Dessert could do with a more boisterous shot of personality. Thankfully, its chorus is light and buoyant enough to compensate. It’s not the kind of melody I’d rush back to, but its amiable sound makes for an easy, breezy listen.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

11 thoughts on “Song Review: Kim Yohan (WEi) – Dessert

  1. Kim Yohan really is a charismatic performer! He suited the vibe really well! I was expecting a cutesy song because of the name 😂 but this was surprisingly nice! It was pretty smooth throughout – vocals and rap! ✨


  2. Like the name of the song, I think this song hit all the right spots for my taste from the groovy beat that not too heavy, catchy hooks, and vocal that suits his range. I wish the last chorus could have been more vibrant but overall it was an enjoyable listen.

    PS. Yohan and Donghan has big potential to become more successful as solo artist than to be in a group…


    • Wait an orchestra backing her vocals up??
      This sounds so grand, I love it (then again I’m a sucker for strings so I’m biased there haha). I didn’t realise CRAXY’s Swan will make her solo debut so soon so thanks for sharing this!


  3. It just hits all the right spots and no weird structure switch-ups so it’s a hit for me. I agree it’s not something that would blow your mind when you listen to it but still a really good song.


  4. Being a big fan of WEi, not just Yohan and Donghan could be solo artists. Just go to the WEi Youtube channel and you’ll see many examples of how each of them are great on their own. Seokhwa has one of the best voices in the business. Yongha can both sing and rap really well. Dea Hyeon is a super rapper and Junseo has a beautiful voice. Plus, they are all top notch dancers. In fact, they might be too good for the general Kpop audience to recognize. 🤞for a big breakout for them.


  5. I wasn’t sold at first but it grew on me. The beginning of the MV was distracting though as it immediately reminded me of a half dozen other MVs from the last year, like it was going for kpop moody BG bingo.


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