Song Review: Twice – Celebrate

Twice - CelebrateIt’s been quite a week for Twice’s fandom. A full group contract renewal, news of an upcoming Korean comeback and now a new Japanese single! Twice has long spoiled their fans, releasing song after song after song, but this latest blitz feels especially concentrated. The aptly-titled Celebrate precedes their fourth Japanese album and continues the upbeat dance sound of last year’s Formula Of Love.

Twice excel at this style. They’ve really found their sweet spot, and I hope they luxuriate in this success for a while. Celebrate isn’t the strongest single they’ve put their name to, but it’s hard to resist something this upbeat. The track also serves as their fifth anniversary in the J-pop market and plays like a well-deserved victory lap. Its bright synths recall many summertime pop bops, sugary sweet but never cloying or juvenile. Twice’s performance plays it down the middle, opting for a joyful delivery that’s straightforward but assured.

Melodically, Celebrate’s chorus is stronger than its verses. It’s not an immediate attention-grabber, but ingratiates itself as the track goes on. There’s a bit of Katy Perry’s California Gurls in there, but as a tonal inspiration rather than a melodic copy. I appreciate its bounding energy and the fact that it’s comprised of two distinct hooks that work in tandem. This is classic (some may say generic) pop songwriting, and there’s a reason it has worked across decades. Celebrate may not reinvent the wheel or offer an exciting detour for Twice’s sound, but it will certainly have you dancing.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

11 thoughts on “Song Review: Twice – Celebrate

  1. It’s been a great week for sure 😭 the OT9 renewal made my day. I was never as convinced as most people that they wouldn’t renew but I was scared nonetheless…and then we get hit with the news! I’m so excited for what’s next for Twice over the next few years, of course starting with that August comeback!!! Ahhhhh

    Anyways, about the song, it’s not really anything amazing, but it’s fun and with the incredibly appropriate release time with the news I can’t fault it. Let’s celebrate 🥳

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  2. Congratulations to Twice for their successful contract renewal. OT9, wow! That deserves a celebration, and this song will do just fine.


  3. I love this! There’s a reason I’m a ONCE :p I just love their music. This song is so stylish and joyful! To add to that Jeongyeon is my ultimate bias. I’m soo happy to see her back again with a big smile. I love her voice and I’m so happy she got the last chorus. She’s a very underrated vocalist. TWICE’s MV’s are always a joy to watch. They don’t make them like that anymore. Yeah..I’m really happy with this’s a wonderful message of love and joy.


  4. day 5 of reviewing jpop songs until nick renews the 90s jpop roadmap (why tf do i keep skipping these). anyway the song im reviewing is

    grand escape – radwimps

    “grand escape” is from makoto shinkai’s movie Weathering With You. it plays during the scene where (spoilers) Hodaka rescues Hina from the sky, causing the weather in Tokyo to start raining again.

    anyway enough rambling about the movie because this song, especially the full version, is INCREDIBLE. it starts off like a ballad in the first few moments, with a looping melody that is sung throughout. then during the chorus, a different melody plays as we assume that we’re building to something grand, but after a brief instrumental break full of synths, we’re back to verse two.

    it only gets better from here, because after the chorus, we hit a brief pause before moving to the post-chorus, where yojiro noda joins in the song, giving some hypnotizing vocals. then, we get to the bridge, where one of the greatest climaxes i’ve ever heard starts to happen. this melody is AMAZING, and it ends off with a huge synth solo before slamming to a ferocious end

    hooks: 9
    production: 9
    longevity: 9
    bias: 10
    rating: 9.25

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  5. I love this so much. Its fun, upbeat, and catchy. Its just a celebration that they’re staying a together and I couldn’t be happier for this. My only critique is its so hard to find their Japanese albums in America. Just take my money JYP.


  6. The album has soms amazing songs too!

    Tick Tock
    Flow Like Waves
    That’s All I’m Saying
    Bitter Sweet

    Absolutely wonderful songs!


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