Song Review: Loco & Hwasa – Somebody!

Loco & Hwasa - Somebody!When I think of mixed-gender, summertime duets in K-pop, my mind instantly goes to 2014’s A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness, which was inescapable that year. I love the idea of a chill duet soundtracking the season, and the combination of Loco and Hwasa seems perfectly designed for this purpose. Despite the exclamation mark in its title, Somebody! is undeniably chill. Whether it will enjoy summer-defining success remains to be seen.

Somebody! is the latest K-pop track to dabble in city pop vibes. It doesn’t dip its toes too far within the genre, but the easy, breezy energy definitely feels a part of current industry trends. Though the song has a steady kick — ornamented further with guitar and atmospheric synths — Somebody! never raises its intensity much. This is in keeping with both artists’ approaches. It’s effortlessly cool, which can be enjoyable. However, “cool” is rarely fun. It’s something to be admired from afar – not a vibe to get your life to.

In this way, Somebody! achieves its aim. It’s a pleasant slice of summertime pop, ready to soundtrack afternoons at the beach or by the barbecue. It’ll fit well on playlists, even if it doesn’t draw much attention to itself. The fact that I can’t conjure many specific thoughts about the track probably says it all. Loco and Hwasa are well-matched, with the latter sounding particularly nice as her vocal takes on an airy quality. After all, Somebody! passes by like a warm seaside breeze, bridging the gap between more impactful comebacks this summer.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


6 thoughts on “Song Review: Loco & Hwasa – Somebody!

  1. Well, I like this song quite much. It perfectly describes my current mood, as I’ve recently been depressed and I’m listening to more airy, subdued tracks. In contrast, I doubt that I’ll remember its melody as quickly as it happened to Sunmi’s Heart Burn which I often find myself bopping to. Maybe an 8 for me.


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