Song Review: Mimiirose – Rose

Mimiirose - RoseMimiirose chose a daring time to make their debut, right on the heels of much-hyped releases from BLACKPINK and NCT 127. Complicating things even further, they’ve opted for a “half video,” which cuts off after the first chorus. Who knew the Universe app would have such influence?

Seriously, I don’t get this tactic at all. The music video plays like an extended teaser rather than a proper debut. Do we have to go through some fandom ritual to see the second half? Thankfully, the full audio is available for fans eager to hear more. And coincidentally, the song becomes a bit weird right after that moment it cuts off in the video. We get a cool psytrance switch-up during the second verse, shifting energy but keeping things interesting.

More importantly, Rose works well all the way through. It’s got the badass delivery favored by so many newer girl groups, but it’s tethered to catchy melody and a great chorus. As far as debuts go, it reminds me of IVE’s Eleven – a comparison I’m sure Mimiiirose would love to hear! The beat has a propulsive drive that gives the song plenty of forward movement. The production has heft – especially during the chorus. There’s a fullness to the arrangement that makes Rose very satisfying. And, the group resist the urge to give in to trendy affectations, performing the track with confident vocals that match the excitement of the instrumental. Mimiirose may have debuted against intimidating competition, but Rose easily eclipses Shut Down and 2 Baddies to become this weekend’s K-pop winner.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

23 thoughts on “Song Review: Mimiirose – Rose

  1. Nice debut. Ain’t gonna say it’s something earth-shaking or spectacular, but choosing a piece of fun, straightforward dance-pop as a track to start the group’s career is definitely not unwelcoming. I’ll give it an 8.25.


    • This is not meant to be a dig of any kind, I am just curious to know what do you generally look for in a song? And what would make you rate something in the “9”-ish category?

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      • Okay then. My top priority for a song that would perfectly match my taste is a big vocal melody. Also, it gotta be memorable, not a couple heaps of shouting/chanting or a beat drop (although I like these, as well, if delivered in a proper way). Then, the song has to know what it wants. Like, it starts off and never looks back, avoiding to collapse into a trap breakdown, etc. Besides, I love when the track has got a rich instrumental. Some of the elements I’d like to hear in K-pop more often are, for instance, electric guitar solos.
        That’s it 🙂

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      • I would add: more originality.

        I think this song is solid, solidly produced, solidly performed. But for me it is also low 8’s. It is the nth one in the past year or two with a moombahton-style beat, heavy obligato sample, lots of adlib ya ya yah’s sung all together like cheerleaders, a scatter shot line distribution. That “Ha” right a 0:07 is a typical opening salvo. There have also been several loca loca’s the past couple years too (at 0:50).

        Several people here think of IVE “Eleven”. My mind went to Tri be be da loca “Doom Doom Ta”. If we did a poll, many others could be suggested too. Speaking of Loca’s, Favorite’s “Loca” is in a similar style too.

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  2. I just watched this half video earlier this morning because it popped up as a suggestion and glad to see the whole song is so good. Maybe their company is trying out the half video this week so they can get a little buzz and FULLY push them with the full video next week without being drowned/forgotten about with such a big return via BP & NCT.

    If they have a mini I hope it’s equally as good/interesting and if they can make it to some subsequent comebacks I definitely hope we have a rookie group to root for because truly they have won the week


  3. This song is fun. I loved Yoon Jia on Girls Planet 999 so I’m glad her group debuted with a strong track. A Kpop song hasn’t given me chills since Nostalgia by Drippin’, but I got goosebumps at 2:47 of Rose. Loved that choice to drop everything out and give an almost ballad feel for 1 second. Surprising.

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  4. Well, since the Universe app set the terms, I will respond in kind….

    1. While there are similarities to other groups, I think that mimiirose….
    2. Music wise, there’s enough there for me to….
    3. The MV, itself, makes me think of….
    4. As far as future potential, mimiirose might….
    5. All in all, I think….

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  5. This is such an amazing debut and I’m glad someone out here is reviewing them. I definitely like the direction debut songs are going in. I’ll definitely be checking them out in the future.

    Also, I really like your reviews and I was wondering if you have a post somewhere that explains the rating system? Particularly the Hooks, Production, Longevity, and Bias part? I’ve been here a while and only now made an account. I’ve seen your rankings and was wondering why the Bias part of your rankings was fluctuated up and down for each comeback of a group? I would think that the Bias part would be the consistent and only slowly be going up when you grow more fond of a group?

    Thanks and keep up with your reviews as they tend to be the highlight of my day. You expose me to great music and groups that I would never have known about.


  6. Honestly, I was going to pass this when I’ve saw the thumbnail on YouTube. You did a review on it fortunately which made me give it a shot (cause even if I disagree, I just love seeing the way you write) and it’s a strong like from me now. I’m gonna playlist this


  7. I did not know about this song until I saw your review so thanks for that!

    So on the positive side : A really good song! I listened to it on Spotify and I am super impressed! Great voices, cool melody, catchy with a nice mysterious vibe to it! And that instrumental was interesting! Absolutely a song up my street!

    And with that the one big negative…. HOW ON EARTH CAN A COMPANY SET THEM UP SO BADLY WITH A HALF VERSION MV?!?! Almost like one of those funny ideas suggested by that guy in the meme who gets thrown out of the window… but this time somebody just listened to that fella lmao.

    Of all the gimmicks so far this year imo this is the worst. Everyone called the Nmixx gimmick of the blind package and O.O the worst – but hey atleast there was a whole song! What kinda silly move is a Half MV and that too for a debut?! I certainly hope they plan to have a single full version later instead of a “Rose (The Other Half MV)” … I can only imagine the plight of the poor fans wondering how on earth they would stream this song on YT 💀

    Honestly if that full version audio was not around I would have just given up after that half mv lol. Sure I’m patient with almost 99.9% of crazy stuff – but for an absolutely new group I know nothing of… song’s all they got going and if I’m expected to wait a week for the second half like some Netflix series… nope.

    I actually liked the song though – so I hope they perform lots on shows or something so that I’ll have something to go back to. I’m not someone who usually listens to music on other streaming sites – YT is my primary source and so this really is a downer for me. These girls look super cool and have caught my eye with this song and I sincerely hope they don’t use such gimmicks ever again 💀💀

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  8. I just listened to the full EP because the full MV is out, and I confirm that I don’t really like this song, but I’m totally into Kill Me More and Lululu, I love both of them. I will definitely keep an eye on their next releases.


  9. Why did Rose vocal atmosphere reminds me of BVNDIT song a lot? The vocal bending and twist for example.
    Like almost the whole song giving me the vibe that it would suit BVNDIT really well


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