The Top 10 K-Pop Choreography of 2022

The Top 10 K-Pop Choreo of 2022When it comes to K-pop choreography, I tend to focus on routines that feel iconic or eye-catching. The industry is stuffed with strong dancers, and I’m certainly not qualified to offer a technical breakdown. So with that in mind, here are the ten K-pop choreos that lingered in my mind throughout 2022.



I tend to prefer boy group choreography that’s a bit fun and cheeky. Bad News is such a charm appeal on its own, and I love how the dance adds to that single-minded intent.


Another bright boy group routine, Treasure’s Hello makes great use of the stage as the guys careen through the song’s series of energetic hooks.


I love the way the girls move back and forth in one unit, yet incorporate diverse movements within that larger formation. This choreo has a satisfying fluidity that highlights the song’s smooth vibe.


LE SSERAFIM delivered some of the most exciting choreography of the year. Antifragile‘s dance swerves and punches, suggesting strength as it emphasizes the stabs of percussion that drive its hooks.


A comeback with two distinct dance breakdowns has to feature in this countdown, right? But even without those moments, The One is a lot of fun to watch. There are so many catchy point moves incorporated into the dance.


Both LE SSERAFIM dances are very strong, but Fearless is my preferred choreo. It has so much movement — big and bold in a way we don’t always see from girl group routines. It’s such a great visual introduction to the group’s charisma.


PSY is the king of viral K-pop choreo, and although That That never finds a centerpiece as iconic as Gangnam Style, its point moves offer the kind of replicable dance that spreads far and wide. Add a crowd of back-up dancers and you’ve got an instant party.


These kind of freewheeling, raucous routines are so addictive. Drummin‘s choreo is exaggerated and silly, like a cartoon in K-pop form. It looks like the guys are having a blast and that energy is infectious.


Great K-pop choreo should enhance the mood of the music and offer an instantly-memorable visual that helps you remember the group and song. Love Dive does just that during its chorus, showcasing both the lyrical content and the small quirks of the instrumental. It also (brilliantly) slows down to offer full view of the group themselves.


I can’t think of another choreo in 2022 that was as fun to watch as Limbo. It’s utterly ridiculous and I lose it every time the girls form a tunnel and start doing the actual limbo. The fact they perform this with deadly-serious intent makes it all the more campy and fun. Add the tussling hair and isolation during the double-speed breakdown and you’ve got a dance that’s stuffed with iconic moments. I’m not sure I’ll ever get sick of watching it.


12 thoughts on “The Top 10 K-Pop Choreography of 2022

  1. My fave choreography of 2022 :

    Nature Limbo (Totally deserves that first place! It embodies the song perfectly!)
    Kingdom Long Live the King
    SKZ Case 143
    Drippin Zero & One
    Le Sserafim Fearless & Antifragile
    Aespa Girls (I honestly really liked this one 🥲)
    Cravity Party Rock
    Treasure Hello
    Ive After Like & Love Dive

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  2. You have NO idea how happy I am to see Limbo at number one!! I can’t remember the last time a choreography has been so campy and fun, it’s absolutely iconic.

    I have done a lot of dance (14 years combined of ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary in various amounts) so what I look for in choreo is probably a bit different to you! My other favourites this year are:

    Glitch by Kwon Eunbi- the voguing!! I love any choreo that incorporates this style automatically and Eunbi has such charisma to execute it well

    Heartburn by Sunmi- I loved the inclusion of the fans and feel like Sunmi always uses her backup dancers well! A suitably sultry and summery choreo

    Layin Low by Hyolyn- less of a dance and more of an aerobics workout honestly! Hyolyn has always had insane choreography and can make the hardest moves look breathlessly easy.

    Talk That Talk by Twice- Twice has had some of the most consistently creative group choreography throughout their career and TTT was no exception. Plain and simple fun and energy ❤

    28 Reasons by Seulgi- I KNEW her solo debut would have stunning choreography and this was so mesmerising and captivating. Seulgi suits this style of dance so much.

    Illella by Mamamoo- This was for the girls and gays honestly, the chorus moves are SO fun and Mamamoo always knows how to perform the hell out of anything.

    Deep by Hyo- the original dance queen!! I absolutely loved this choreography, sharp and scarily spiderlike. Hyo is such a treasure of a a dancer.

    Wonderland and Back in Vogue by Alexa- Including both of these for the ribbon tricks in Wonderland and the voguing in Back in Vogue! Alexa has incredible choreography that I'm always impressed by.

    Dilemma by Apink- This might be my favourite dance break of the year, so chic and incorporating vogue elements beautifully. Love to see Apink killing their dances still!

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  3. Kai – Peaches
    TripleS – Generation
    Kwon Eunbi – Glitch
    N.O.M – Look
    Wonho – Eyes on You
    Tan – Du Du Du
    NTX – Old School (not polished, but the vibe was immaculate, as the kids say)
    Mirae – Marvelous (Workout room version)
    Yena – Smileyyy
    New Jeans – Hype Boy
    UP10tion – Crazy About You
    OOO – Skinz
    Key – Gasoline
    Key and Jeno – Villian
    SF9 – Scream

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  5. ONEUS had great choreography this year. I constantly went back to watch the ‘Same Scent’ choreography. ‘Bring It On’ also had a great choreography that was satisfying to watch.

    Seventeen are no strangers to great choreography and this year they had 2 that stood out for me. ‘Hot’ and ‘Cheers’.

    Although I was late to this comeback, Max Changmin had such great choreography for his songs ‘Devil’ and Fever’. I watched his ‘Fever’ performance on repeat for hours.

    The Queendom FINAL performances also dished out some great choreography. LOONA’s ‘Pose’ is an addicting performance.


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