Song Review: H1-KEY – Rose Blossom

H1-KEY - Rose BlossomH1-KEY impressed with last summer’s three-track Run album, delivering a series of songs that shared a timeless K-pop appeal. With strong vocals and plenty of energy, they became a dark horse among 2022’s prolific slate of girl group debuts. New single Rose Blossom (건물 사이에 피어난 장미) leads their first mini album and again forgoes trends for a more classic approach.

In this case, it feels like we’re back in 2NE1 territory. I’m not convinced Rose Blossom would’ve been anything more than a b-side if released back in that era, but its sound is still appreciated. The song’s emotive, mid-tempo groove is fueled by synth strings and trap beats. This is one example where that contrast works. More importantly, Rose Blossom builds to an honest-to-goodness chorus. It’s not the most exciting or novel hook I’ve ever heard, but it’s nice to hear a centerpiece that feels fleshed out. I’m especially taken with the vocal flourishes that respond to the main melody during this chorus. The blend is very satisfying and gives the arrangement more heft.

This approach carries into the bridge, which may be my favorite moment in Rose Blossom. I love how the brief rap interacts with those waves of vocals. And, the addition of church organ drives home the emotion and drama during this segment. In the end, Rose Blossom may be too reserved to enjoy a long stint on my playlist. But for now, it easily continues H1-KEY’s strong run of singles. If they keep chugging along like this, they may just surpass expectations and break into the big leagues.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

Grade: B


10 thoughts on “Song Review: H1-KEY – Rose Blossom

  1. Ha! Another one today I agree with Nick on. I was thinking old school 2NE1 b-side as well.
    Not a bad song, but not quite leading single material. I was thinking or hoping it is a pre-release. And yet, the song is still better than half of everything else released these days, as old school 2NE1 b-side sound isn’t a bad sound to sound like.


  2. Young K from Day6 wrote this and it’s so evident from the lyrics. He wasn’t a composer, but even the melodies sound like a girl group version of a Day6 song or a Young K solo song. Solid single, my favorite of theirs so far.

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  3. They’re so refreshing. I was so afraid by the title that they would give us a noisy hype track, but they add to their sound without plagiarizing it. I can’t wait to listen to the album

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  4. From the aesthetics I was expecting some dark gg song and was gearing up for that so this was some twist! 😂 This really had a chill vibe to it and honestly I think it was their vocals that really made this all the more impactful! All 4 of the ladies can sing and I really liked the chorus! I’m looking forward to their performance for this!

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